How Can a Magento SEO Company Increase Your Traffic?

Magento as a platform allows store owners to create robust eCommerce storefronts that have all the necessary design conventions and features in order to ensure a slick and rewarding shopping experience for users.

Have you been getting enough traffic to your Magento website however? This is one of the common problems that store owners face. It’s easy enough to build an eCommerce site, but another thing entirely to bring in traffic, which is why you may want to call on the help of a talented Magento SEO company that can start bringing more traffic to your store.

How Does a Magento SEO Company Create Traffic?
The process of running a SEO campaign can be somewhat complex, especially in eCommerce. It involves thorough keyword research, an understanding of the platform itself, helpful content creation and a strong backlink profile.

Not only do you have to combine all of these tasks, you have to implement them strategically in order to really get the kind of results you want. While your Magento store is going to give you a solid foundation, it’s not enough to magically bring traffic to your site. In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of otherwise “dead” websites out there, built on the best platforms money can buy, that no one ever sees.

Why is that? Because to Google, quality content is what matters. If Google and the other search engines don’t see that you bring value to the table and aren’t playing by their content guidelines, you’re not going to have a place at the table with your competitors.

The first step to driving more traffic to your website is realizing that you can’t run a SEO campaign alone and that you need the skilled assistance and expertise of an eCommerce SEO agency to help you move forward. There are certain aspects of SEO you may be able to handle yourself, especially if you have a decent idea of the keywords you want to rank for, but your ability to affect your SEO in a positive way basically stops there.

Hiring the Right Magento SEO Company For Your Business
A professional agency can build you a plan that covers all aspects of SEO, which will not only help improve the functionality of your website, but will ensure that more people will find your products as well. This should be your top priority as a store owner, but it’s important that you find the right agency that specifically meets your needs.

1Digital® is a Magento SEO company that knows how to put a winning campaign together. What sets them apart is their technical know-how and transparent communication. Their process is known throughout the industry as the gold standard for ranking eCommerce websites. For Magento store owners looking to get ahead, 1Digital® is the team you need to get on the phone with.

Curious about what they can do for you? Call 1Digital® at 888.982.8269 or fill out their SEO audit form, which will give their team an idea of what you need. Either way, there’s no question that if you want to get ahead in eCommerce, a SEO agency is all but essential. Your best bet is to invest in a team that has an extensive background with Magento, rather than choosing a vanilla agency.

Can you really get more traffic to your website with Magento SEO? The only thing you need to know is that right now in the world of digital marketing SEO is considered to have the highest ROI. Make the right decision for your business and call 1Digital® today!

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