How Can Custom Golf Shafts Improve Your Game?

Golf shafts, like the equipment and clothing used in so many different sports, are highly variable. Even though it might be more apparent at first note how a golf club head differs in form, the fact of the matter is that custom golf shafts have just as much variability if not more. Because of this, no two golf shafts are created to be identical, and that means that no two golf shafts will serve the same player equally.

If you’re considering getting custom shafts to improve your game, know that shafts that are custom made with your measurements and needs in mind can have some of the most profound impacts on your abilities in the game. Here’s how custom shafts can make a difference for you, for the better.

Better contact with the ball and better energy transfer – A shaft that is too long or too short will force you to change your stance in order to make better contact with the ball. If not, you won’t be contacting the ball where you should be; either too high or too low on the club face, or you’ll make contact with the toe or the heel instead of squarely in the middle. A custom measured shaft can easily fix this problem.

More distance – Another thing that custom golf shafts can help with is distance, which is also something that a lot of golfers struggle with. A shaft should be made of the right material, with the right flex, to accommodate your swing speed. Generally, if you have a slower swing speed, you’ll need a more flexible shaft to help you get more distance from your swings.

More control over trajectory – the loft of the club face is probably the most significant impact of trajectory. However, after loft, probably, the kick point is the most important factor, and this can be altered and customized according to the needs of the golfer. All other things being held equal, a shaft with a higher kick point will result in a lower trajectory and ball flight, whereas a lower kick point will send the ball higher.

More accuracy – Because you can extract more distance from custom golf shafts, you may also be able to impact your accuracy as well. The more comfortably you can swing, the more attention you can pay to the fine points of your performance. In this way, you can potentially improve your accuracy on the golf course.

More comfort – Finally, custom shafts can secure better comfort for you as well. For example, some people don’t like the way a steel shaft will respond to a mishit, because it will afford painful feedback. By contrast, a more flexible graphite shaft will be more comfortable and less stressful on your wrists and hands.

These are not the only ways that custom golf shafts can improve your game, but they do happen to be some of the most important. If you’re interested in looking for a venue where you can get some of the game leading shafts customized for your measurements and use, check out Dallas Golf Company at

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