How Can I Get A Medical Card For Weed In South Dakota?

Are you one among South Dakota’s citizens seeking medical cannabis advantage for health? If yes, then you are an ideal candidate to look for South Dakota medical marijuanas conditions. The state decriminalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes by passing a bill on November 3, 20. Moreover, the SD health department has also started accepting applications from July 1, 2021. So, now being a permanent resident of SD, you are eligible to submit your application. By doing this, you will be able to make legal use of cannabis products. This can help in alleviating the symptoms of your current illness. But first, it is better to know the exact requirements in this regard. So, move further to look for important information in this article.

Finding the MMJ physician

Today, most US states are engaged in medical marijuana programs to let their people gain a holistic health advantage. So, the governor Kristi Noem also welcomed this bill last year. Now, to begin with, the process, you first have to visit an MMJ physician. You could ask how do I get a medical card in SD? The physician will describe that you need to visit the clinic personally to assess your health condition. Simply put, you have to consult a physician to get the recommendation for weed in writing. There is also a possibility of seeking a physician online. You can consult the physician through a telemedicine session if you are not able to walk.

During your visit to the doctor, you will have to show the genuine reason for having a choice for weed. In addition to this, your chances to get certification are good if you have one among the qualifying medical conditions. These are the illnesses that are listed by the health department of Mount Rushmore State. So, you must ensure that you have one of them prior to your doctor’s visit.

Send your application

The process of accepting applications for SD medical marijuana cards is going on persistently. It is effective from July 1, 2021, by the South Dakota Department of health. However, whether patients would get the facility to send applications online is unclear. Well, the state government is working on this proposal which is predicted to be approved soon. However, now you have to send an application via the postal address of SD DOH. You need some documents to send along with your application form, which are: 

  • Proof of South Dakota residence in the form of an SD driver’s license
  •  Passport
  • Written certification by the physician

 Additionally, you must be 18 years old to apply for medical cannabis in SD. South Dakota medical marijuanas conditions would also require you to have parental consent in case you are below 18.

Wait and receive your card

This is probably the time when you do not have to make a move out of your home. Once your application is sent to the authority, you will have to wait for its approval. The officials will go through it wisely that might take some time, say one month. If the authority approves your application, you will be intimated to pay the fee. The fee for the SD MMJ card is 100 dollars; after paying the charges, you will get the card via mail. This is what you should know about how I get a medical card in SD. Remember, the card is good to use for 12 months only. You need a renewal of the card by repeating the same procedure again.

Get the weed

Once the MMJ card is in your hands, you can visit the state-approved medical marijuana dispensary. You can get the weed as per the designated amount by the authorities. It is 3 ounces per person in the form of edibles, lotions, and other valid products. But remember, overuse of cannabis can put you in a legal felony. So, you must be cautioned while using the weed. It is better to discuss your needs with your primary healthcare provider.

To sum up

As per the South Dakota medical marijuanas conditions, you are permitted to use weed for your wellness. But you are only qualified if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. You must check the list of ailments that are approved by the state. So, delay no further and start with the process to be a part of the SD medical marijuana program. Get expert help if you do not find it easy to carry out the process. 


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