How Can Physical Therapy Help Manage and Treat Core Pain

The core muscles of your body are predominantly responsible for how you hold yourself, your posture, and overall movement. They are mostly comprised of your abdominal muscles, and pain in these muscles can cause you abdominal pain, lower back pain, and difficulty in moving around with ease.

You can opt for physical therapy for core pain in Philadelphia for core stabilization exercise routines to help you manage and treat core pain. Here is how it can help.

  1. Increasing Core Strength

Increasing your core strength directly impacts your range of motion and increases your strength and stamina. Moreover, it can energize you by activating the key muscle group in your body. Core strength exercise will make your body more flexible, improving your range of motion.

Stiffness in the muscles is one of the significant reasons for core pain, and physical therapy and exercises can help you avoid that. In the same way, physical therapy for a fractured ankle can help you regain strength in your legs.

  1. Healthy Spine

Your spine keeps you straight and erect, and any stiffness which remarkably reduces your mobility. Physical therapy flexes the critical muscle groups of the spine, hips, and lower extremities that also helps in keeping your spine healthy in the long run.

They work your hip flexors, gluteals, hamstrings, piriformis, and the smaller muscles along the spinal cord. The therapy will help you stretch these muscles so that your body can use them to their fullest potential. If you have trouble further down the body, physical therapy for a fractured ankle can also help.

  1. Improved Ergonomics

Opting for physical therapy will put you in contact with therapists who will design and implement programs best suited for your physical condition. Customized design practices are the key to preventing further injuries and reversing the effects of previous ones.

The therapy can include manual sessions, aerobic exercises, massage routines, and enhanced technology. It will tell you about how and when to change your position and offer the correct methods of lumbar support. A plan designed by a therapist will help you follow a course of action that will help meet your recovery goals and offer the best methods during rehabilitation.

  1. Lifting Techniques

When you try to lift a heavy object, bend forward, or push something heavy away from your body, your core muscles are involved in the process. Physical therapy can help the patient understand and practice postures for better bending and lifting without causing pain to the core muscles.

It is often astonishing how weak core muscles can affect our daily activities and deteriorate our quality of life. Physical therapy can provide you with safe lifting techniques to lead a busy and active life like before, which might involve childcare and household activities like lifting packages of groceries or pushing a cart.

You should try to get the best physical therapy for core pain in Philadelphia if you have been suffering from pain in the abdominal region or the back. After completing your sessions, you are sure to experience enhances strength and mobility of your core muscles.


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