How can women increase their fertility naturally?

How can women increase their fertility naturally? If you are a woman who wants to get pregnant and not succeeding at it, there is no need to lose heart. The first and foremost thing, when it comes to getting pregnant, especially if you are over 35-years-old, is to not be too harsh and self-critical with yourself. The significant thing is to focus on the solutions now. The most important thing to realize is the importance of making some changes in your lifestyle. Though there are various infertility treatments available, there are other ways to boost your fertility naturally. Besides this, even if you start the infertility treatment, the following tips will help increase the chances of getting pregnant with the treatment. So here is what one needs to do: 1. Sleep at least eight hours every night: Believe it or not, your sleep impacts the quality of your eggs and overall health. When one sleeps for seven to eight hours, the body gets the time to repair itself and rejuvenate. So enough rest is essential for boosting your fertility. If you think that you remain active despite sleeping for 5 hours a day, that is just not okay. Ideally, one should go to sleep between 9 pm to 10 pm and sleep for seven to eight hours. Even if you may be functioning well with 5 hours of sleep, you may not be thriving. 2. Remove sugar from the diet: Consuming way too much-processed sugar harms your fertility and overall health as well. So your goal should be to reduce the sugar intake and switch over to natural sugar, and even that you should try to minimize. Excess sugar in the body can cause inflammation, and inflammation can disrupt ovarian function and egg quality. So, decide to stay away from trans fats and processed foods to improve your chances of getting pregnant. 3. Work on reducing your stress level: We, as a society, are always about what have we done, what have we achieved, are we achieving our goals … etc. All this takes a toll on your stress level and fertility. So, it doesn’t mean that one should not be successful, but one should let oneself relax a bit and take it easy. Your goal should be to slow down and be with yourself and maybe do some yoga or meditation to reduce the stress. We all need downtime and give our mind a break to not try to accomplish too much. Remember, the GOAL of every goal is Peace !!! 4. Take care of your nutrition: The first thing that is important regarding improving egg quality is ensuring proper nutrition with minimal chemicals. When we are eating fruits, vegetables, or meat, we might be getting toxins, a lot of chemicals, and a lot of hormones with it. We don’t need any of it when it comes to fertility. So, eating organic can help a lot. Another important thing is to eat healthy fat. Women need more fat than men when it comes to pregnancy. Healthy fat means organic butter, ghee, coconut oil, or olive oil. A balanced diet goes a long way in improving your fertility. 5. Eat folate-rich foods to counter toxins: Even if you are eating certain toxic foods, folate counteracts and nullifies their effects. So, the folate-rich foods are Berries, oranges, spinach, Broccoli & cauliflower, kale, asparagus, avocado, and lentils. So, if you are deciding about taking infertility treatment, the above tips can help you increase your chances of success. GarbhaGudi: Helping you to complete your family!

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