How can you optimize your chances of IVF success?

How can you optimize your chances of IVF success?The success rate of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in India varies within the range of 30% and 70% after every embryo transfer. That implies that several couples may not succeed in their first IVF cycle and may need to opt for the second cycle of IVF soon after. But when you know that you have the best IVF experts on your case and that you are doing your best to optimize the chances of success, the chances of success will increase significantly. Here are a few guidelines you need to follow to optimize your chances of IVF success: 1.         Maintain a healthy body weight:  Being obese or underweight can increase the number of trials before a successful conception and also impacts the success rates of IVF negatively. Monitor your BMI closely, and speak to a dietician or nutritionist before your IVF treatment begins, for ensuring a higher success rate. 2.         Modify your lifestyle: Smoking and alcohol consumption can have an adverse effect and reduce the chances of IVF success. Stopping these addictions will help improve your IVF success rates considerably. Also, eating healthy, reducing the consumption of junk food and regular exercising can boost the success rate of IVF. 3.         Finding the right IVF specialist doctor and the right fertility clinic: The experience and reputation of the IVF specialist doctors and the fertility clinic is crucial.  The available technology and lab apparatus will play a major role in determining your IVF success rate. Every IVF centre does not have the same success rate. Make sure that the one you choose has a high success rate consistently. 4.         Pay attention to health supplements: Your intake of health supplements, including iron, folate and calcium will influence the success rate of IVF. Consult your physician as well as your IVF expert about the adequate dosage and blood tests to determine the correct level of vitamins and essential minerals in your body. 5.         Choosing the right techniques:  Some of the IVF techniques are available only in the best IVF clinics of India and this can boost your IVF success rate and make a difference in your life. Availability of equipment and experts for techniques like Laser-assisted hatching, Blastocyst culture, Magnetic sorting of sperms, CASA, sequential transfers etc. can become the most important thing for your IVF success. Ensure that the centre is well equipped and has trained personnel for the same. 6. Genetic testing before implantation: A genetically superior embryo for implantation leads to higher success rates of IVF. Not everyone may need this, but if needed, the centre should be well-versed in the planning and usage of this technology. 7. Selection of individualized protocol: Seeking counselling with your IVF expert for a personalized approach can enhance your chances of IVF success. There is no one-size-fits-all protocol. Depending on the patient profile, the clinic should be ready to tailor the treatment plan. 8. Enhancing the chances of embryo implantation: Ensure that the doctor and the clinic is aware of advanced treatment options like these. * Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) treatment in a patient who has failed to conceive due to the weakening of the endometrium increases the chances of successful implantation. * Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF): GCSF is a growth factor that enhances the formation of the blood vessels in the endometrium and  can enhance the chances of embryo implantation 9. Be patient: IVF is not a one-day or over-night success story. Some couples have to try more than twice to conceive via IVF. Sometimes, you need to be more patient than others. Remember to follow your IVF doctor’s advice, stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, and don’t give up before you reach your goal. So, take it easy. Relax, listen to mindfulness music and do some light exercises. You can rely on the doctors at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, the best fertility clinic in India, to take care of the rest, during your IVF journey! For more information Visit: Call: 888 000 0909 Email:

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