How do CBSE Schools focus on Quality learning over Quantity?

Most schools around the world tend to focus on quantity over quality which is not the right approach. It happens because teachers have time restrictions to finish the syllabus within a set period which results in varying degrees of understanding of the concept among students. There are also gaps in the understanding of the concept but no school tries to fill that gap. 

The Need for the right ecosystem for imparting quality education

We cannot predict which skills will be required in the next 5 years so it is necessary that the concept of lifelong learning has to be instilled in our children from childhood. CBSE schools focus on such ways of imparting education. So parents should choose the CBSE School that focuses on the mastery of concepts which is the need of the hour.

Measures that can enable the right ecosystem

  • Good Infrastructure and facilities 
  • Latest integrated smart Technology
  • Quality of teaching and skilled Teachers
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Affordability

CBSE Schools have the right ecosystem and also try to fill the gaps by adopting a mastery-based system. Here students are allowed to progress to the next concept only when they have mastered a previous concept. 

Every student is unique and takes their time to learn and understand certain concepts. In the mastery system, teachers help each student and guide them according to their grasping capacity and provide material or resources that can help them. 

Some tools can help teachers know the progress of students and their score levels in understanding the concept. Once students get a 100% they are introduced to the next concept.

Students of Schools in Pune tend to be experts of whatever they have studied and have and a growth mindset. So when seeking admission for your child choose a school that focuses on Mastery rather than just scores.

Benefits of Mastery-Based Learning to students

  • It provides a solid foundation to build and develop knowledge
  • It provides the students to work at their own pace through online adaptive technology.
  • More interaction and shared learning session
  • Teacher and student one-to-one interaction
  • Students of Schools in Pune gain knowledge and learn beyond the classroom
  • Students develop a stronger connection


Mastery learning can impact all areas of a student’s life, not just classroom experience. When students are given time the right ecosystem to learn, they understand their learning styles and needs and succeed in whatever they do. They develop a lifelong interest in learning.

With new technology and teaching strategies, CBSE School has adopted this method to build lifelong learners. It’s time that every school focuses on the quality of education, rather than on its quantity.

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