How do I Restore corrupt PST Files? Total Solution

Nowadays we are so dependent on Outlook that we can’t imagine our work life without it but sometimes by mistake Outlook files get corrupted or deleted. And we might not know the proper way to restore corrupt PST files.

In this tech guide article, we are going to show you the right way to recover corrupt PST files using various methods. Here we mainly focus on two methods one will be a manual method and the second will be a professional procedure.

In the professional procedure, we will be using the MSOutlookTools PST Recovery application and we are going to show you the steps to use and its advantages and disadvantages. let’s start this article with the reasons that corrupt PST files without wasting more time.

Why do PST Files Get Corrupted?

There are many mishaps that can happen and easily corrupt your PST files. In this section, we are going to show you those reasons why corrupt PST files. Then we are going to provide you with the solution to it.

  • Malicious software and viruses can infect or damage your PST files.
  • Hard drive or storage device problems, including bad sectors, can corrupt PST files easily.
  • If the PST file is stored on a network share and there are network interruptions or issues, it can result in file corruption because of incomplete transfer
  • Using long file paths or deeply nested folders can cause problems with PST files and it can corrupt PST files.
  • Some third-party Outlook add-ins or extensions might need to be fully compatible and can cause PST file corruption.
  • Microsoft doesn’t recommend storing PST files on network drives as they are prone to corruption in this setup.
  • Over time, PST files can become more prone to corruption as they gather data and experience more read/write operations.

As you can see there are a lot of things that can easily corrupt your PST files to recover corrupt PST you need a quick and easy solution that we are going to provide you in the upcoming section of this article we are going to start with a manual procedure.

How to Recover Corrupt PST Files Manually?

Using the manual method might be useful for you if you have a minor problem but when it comes to a major problem it may be not able to recover corrupted PST files. Later you will learn why for now let’s focus on the steps of using the Manual method.

Steps of Using Manual Method

Locate SCANPST.EXE in your system >>  Run SCANPST.EXE program >> Click ‘Browse’ to choose the corrupt PST file and click ‘Start‘ >> If the tool displays errors were found >> click the ‘Make backup of scanned file before repairing‘  >>  click ‘Repair

NOTE:  You may have trouble finding the location of SCANPST.EXE in your files because its locations are different in every version of Outlook. To save your time we will be providing a chart below to save your time.

It’s not that hard to use this method but it has many limitations and this method will not work on deleted files or it might delete more files to fix the corruption.  In the upcoming heading, you are going to learn about those limitations.

Limitations of Manual Methods?

In this part, you will learn about the setbacks of the manual method because it can damage your files more than it did before. Below you will see more of its limitations so let’s begin.

  • Whenever you try to run the program SCANPST.EXE  to recover your PST file it will always delete the corrupt email data files and there is no way to recover that data
  • You have to repeat the same process, many times, to recover a huge number of PST files 
  • If you have a big size like 80 GB file it might crash your Outlook application or system
  • There is no guarantee your files will open or not after fixing your files manually you may lose more data in that process
  • You can’t recover your permanently deleted PST files 

As you can see, the manual method has a lot of upsetting limitations. Only the very tip of the iceberg that we can see. There are a lot more issues hidden deep inside. I have the ideal answer for you if you’re looking for a safe option.

You will get thorough instructions on how to restore Outlook PST files in the next section. So let’s get started without any delay to see the professional method.

How to Recover Corrupt PST Files Using a Professional Application?

You can recover corrupt PST files in addition to Restore your emails. You can use a PST Converter if you don’t have PST files, so don’t worry. Any file can have its file format changed so that it can be used in the recovery application.

I’ll explain how you can utilize those applications in more detail, but let’s look at some professional techniques first to see how simple it is to restore PST files.

  • From the official website download the application and install the program
  • Run the program after installing and choose the interface language according to your choice
  • After that hit the button “Add file” in the window tab.
  • Select the PST / BAK files in your system you want to repair
  • Browse the corrupt PST file you want to recover, select it and hit  “Open” button
  • Then click on the option Repair PST/BAK files in the window
  • After the procedure,  select the new format or place your newly restored files

NOTE: When using this application, you will see options where you can select from a variety of file types, view a preview, save a file, export the selected files, and many other possibilities.

The greatest solution for you is this program. You may easily complete a variety of jobs with it, and you’ll gain a lot more advantages. You can read the quick details of each below. but that application includes a ton of significant and minor advantageous features.

Therefore, I will do my best to give you a lot of facts to pique your interest, so let’s start the next paragraph.

Benefits of Professional Application?

The best features a user can obtain are always provided by professional programs, however, the applications mentioned above provide a staggering amount of functionality. You will discover more about them in this section, so let’s proceed.

  • This program makes it simple to retrieve deleted emails. 
  • It restores PST files of any size without restrictions. 
  • PST files up to 200 GB can be simply split or combined.
  • Maintains file hierarchy while recovering your PST files
  • You this application you will be able to Convert PST to PDF, EML, HTML and many formats 

Final Words 

In this technical guide article, I have provided you with all the important information about how you can recover corrupted PST and Restore deleted emails. Using the given methods can help you a lot but from my experience, it’s not recommended.

 For the best interest of your PST files and your important emails, you can use the professional application mentioned above, you also can download and try a demo version of this application to see how it works.

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