how does DEX YFX occupy the high ground of decentralized perpetual contracts?

The DeFi world is changing rapidly and new gameplay is updating everyday. As the most popular and fastest-developing trading product in the DeFi field, DEX obviously will not miss the fastest-growing derivatives market in the cryptocurrency trading market. In the field of cryptocurrency derivatives, the distinctive perpetual contract has naturally become a high ground for competition in the new battlefield of DEX derivatives.


It is understood that since 2020, at least seven DEX platforms including YFX, DerivaDEX, dYdX, Futureswap, Injective Protocol, MCDEX, and Strike Protocol have announced the launch (or will launch this year) of the decentralized perpetual contract trading market and every of the platforms has adopted different designs in terms of transaction mode, contract mechanism, product specifications and infrastructure, which means all have its own characteristics and strengths.


Compared with several other DEXs, YFX’s advantages are particularly obvious and the trading process is more convenient.


  1. YFX is the world’s first and only decentralized derivatives trading platform that supports 100x leverage trading.
  2. YFX is the first platform that launched on the TRON mainnet and the handling fee during transfer and transaction is the lowest among all DEXs.
  3. YFX only supports decentralized derivatives trading and the products are more professional and convenient.
  4. YFX is the world’s first cross-chain decentralized derivatives trading platform that supports the four public chains of ETH, TRON, BSC, and Heco.
  5. All funds of YFX are managed by smart contracts. The platform cannot operate any funds of users. All smart contract codes are open source and have been audited and verified by professional institutions. Through smart contracts, users can deposit and withdraw their funds at any time.
  6. YFX is the world’s first decentralized contract trading platform that supports USDT、coin and hybrid swap.
  7. YFX’s current trading method adopts an isolated margin trading method, each order is independent of each other, profit and loss are independently settled.
  8. YFX applies the QIC-AMM market maker pool trading method to provide users with extremely high liquidity and extremely low trading slippage. Traders directly trade with QIC-AMM to open and close their position. The depth is a function of the available balance of the LP pool, there is no impermanence loss in the LP pool.


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