How is digital marketing important for your company?

If you have a product or service, you need marketing. The question everyone is asking is how digital marketing is important for your company. So many companies who have been into traditional marketing to date and have been doing business through offline marketing do not understand how digital marketing can help them. Well, this is 2020, and everyone knows that we have more smartphone users and internet users now than we have ever had before. The number of people searching on Google every month is a whopping 3.5 billion. These people are looking for information, products, and services online. It means if your company does not have a website or social media presence, then they are not able to find you in their searches. Facebook alone has 2.37 billion active monthly users. In India alone, there are 696.77 million internet users. The E-commerce revenue in India is going to be around US$ 120 billion. If this you consider this data, you will realize that there is a great potential for getting your customers online irrespective of your industry. With COVID-19, more and more buying is going to be shifted online with people wanting to avoid physical contact with others. So if you want to remain in business, you want to have buyers. If you need buyers, then the place to find them and engage with them is online. So digital marketing is nothing but online marketing. Digital marketing is the process of advertising your business or brand on online platforms using online tools. How much the buying activity is going to go online in days and months to come cannot be emphasized enough. So if you are interested in taking your brand online and get noticed by your buyers, you need to do digital marketing.  Innogenx can take your business to the next level with their digital marketing services.

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