How Much Does Earlobe Repair Cost in India?

Experience an elongated or torn earlobe can be extremely painful and stressful, especially if you have injured your earlobe accidentally by a pulled earring. Whatever it is, the condition is highly treatable.


Knowing how to repair the earlobe during an emergency can save both its function and feature while minimizing discomfort. With proper care, you can probably get fully cured after experiencing earlobe trauma. In most cases, many of the individuals can wear earrings again after healing fully. Even if your earlobes have stretched or split due to gauging or long-time earring use, you can get a satisfactory result, with proper earlobe repair surgery.


Earlobe Repair Procedure


Earlobe reconstruction surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and completed in an hour. Using local anaesthesia the earlobe is made numb and the procedure is done.


For an ear lobe that is long, elongated or torn, the procedure consists of freshening the edges. To do this a small amount of skin is removed. The split is then sutured to make the earlobe look normal as before.


Another technique used in this procedure to repair the earlobe is the rotation flap. This is a type of skin reconstruction in which a skin flap is used to cover the split. This useful technique helps the patients to safely and conveniently wear earrings two to three weeks post-procedure instead of having to wait a long six months with the standard procedure. The total length of this earlobe reconstruction surgery procedure takes between 30 -40 minutes per earlobe.




Lobuloplasty is an effective treatment or surgery to repair torn ear lobes. It includes treatment of all kinds of ear lobes deformity or defect that gets repaired with this procedure. Torn or stretched ear lobes are a very common complaint among males and females. It is created by any genetic or birth defect, this tearing or stretching of ear lobes is caused by repeatedly and continually wearing heavy earrings and wearing ear stretchers. One of the common factors for the occurrence of this problem could be trauma.


Post Surgery Care

After your earlobe repair surgery, there will be small scars that will eventually fade away to a pale silvery colour. The healing takes 4-6 months and once it is alright your earlobe should look almost completely normal with no signs of the previous piercing. The good news is ears can be re-pierced 6 months after the operation has taken place.


Earlobe Repair Aftercare

Since this procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, patients can go home right after the procedure is done. A small dressing that is placed on the earlobe can be removed the next day. Sutures will need to be removed after 10 days. You can experience healing after 4 to 6 weeks. Earlobes can be re-pierced after 2 to 4 weeks.


Earlobe Repair Cost

In Indian, the cost of earlobe reconstruction surgery depends upon the nature and condition of the earlobe to be repaired. Thus, it will vary from patient to patient. You can visit one of the clinics of Clinic Dermatech and consult with one of the expert plastic surgeons. You will be informed about the cost, an exact treatment suitable for your case and they will discuss the prospects of earlobe repair surgery.


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