How much does JetBlue charge for Seat Selection?

Traveling on a long-haul trip, it becomes crucial for you to select the seat in advance while booking the JetBlue Airlines Flights to fly with complete comfort and luxurious inflight services.

You are payable the respective amount for making JetBlue Seat Selection if you want to choose the seat on the flight as per your preference. The fees for selection in advance depending on the route. The JetBlue Airlines Selection costs up to $5 to $25 for each itinerary.

Guide to Make Seat Selection on JetBlue Airlines Flights

Passengers have the potential to choose the seats in advance while booking the JetBlue Airlines Flights. So that none of the customers would come across the inconvenience through the JetBlue trip. If you also need such comfort throughout your travel, you should follow the steps given below to choose the seats while you make JetBlue Flight Booking.

  • Go to the JetBlue Official Site and login into the TrueBlue profile as well.
  • If you haven’t a TrueBlue account, there is no need to panic because you’re still eligible to access the manage my booking option at JetBlue’s Official Website.
  • Find the flight details such as reference code and ticket holder, and title of the holder at the JetBlue Manage My Booking option.
  • After providing all the details, you can choose the trip type and seat selection.
  • Once you select the trip type and seat, you will get complete payment transaction accounting where the selection fees are included.
  • Close your procedure with the payment and get a confirmation message to your registered email id and phone number.

Instead, if you are panicking about anything unexpected, you should reach out to the experts while you make JetBlue Flight Booking. When you contact the experts, you need to ask them to book the seats on your behalf and remain on the call until the process is done.


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