How to Apply Makeup According to Your Age

As you get older, it is important to be careful about the makeup that suits you best

An adult woman can easily be left in doubt about how she puts on a makeup that matches her age. But these are some pretty simple guidelines that will allow you to look young, even if you have turned 40 years old.

Here’s how a mature women should apply makeup:


Care for your skin

No matter what age you are, it is important that your skin is in balance. Foundation and powder are very revealing products that can make impure skin in younger women look worse, but can also make it settle into the lines of older women. Therefore, take care of your skin every morning and evening, and remember to clean makeup, dust and dirt.


According to the best makeup artist Los Angeles, use a good nourishing cream that suits the condition of your skin, whether it is dry or oily. The skin can change a lot depending on the season and climate. Many women forget to cleanse their skin in the morning, but this is important because the skin excretes waste products at night, it is most optimal to get removed the following day. At the same time, the cleansing will make your skin more receptive to the other products in your skin care.


Find the right type of foundation and powder

Foundation and powder, like the cream, must suit the condition of your skin. In the summer we get more color in the skin, and therefore we do not need quite as much basic makeup as in the winter. Remember that your foundation and powder should just be used to highlight and never to even out color differences in your skin. When women reach their 40s, we can see to a greater extent the aging process in the skin.


So think about what kind of foundation you are using. It is important that the skin looks delicious, vibrant and healthy.


Be modest

Be sure to use makeup that shines too much, such as mother-of-pearl eye shadows and powder with glitter and glitter. Some types of mineral powders can also tend to shine a lot, so these you should also use with moderation. This is because your skin looks fresh and vibrant. The damage from the sun that you have received earlier in life will also show up in those years and should therefore be covered with concealer.


Use blush

If you want to use blush, choose light pink colors or a peach-colored variant so that it looks as if you have a fist in your cheeks. As the years go by, the skin becomes greyish and more blurred to look at, and therefore just blush can help you well on your way.


Use mascara as desired

Choose the mascara you want and go for the effect you prefer. You can easily choose a mascara that gives length, but preferably not one that clumps too much, because women often find that the lashes become less full, the older they get. It can also be a good idea to dye your lashes instead, because then it is not necessary to use quite as much mascara.


Get sensual lips

When it comes to lipstick and lip gloss, it is important that you have well-groomed lips to start with, so you avoid what you might popularly call a “chicken ass” around the mouth. You should avoid highlighting the lines around the mouth with your choice of lipstick or lip gloss. For example, choose a pink color that can enhance the lips’ own color, or a peach.


You can easily use a lip gloss, but not a variant with high gloss, because it will make too much noise in relation to age. For example, you can highlight the lips by drawing them up with a pencil, and then use the gloss to get sensual lips. Also keep in mind that even if you want an extra durable lipstick, it is often dry in consistency, which does not go so well with a mature skin. Here it is a better idea to use just the lip gloss.

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