How To Be Better at Telemarketing

In a huge company, the sales department plays a huge role in bringing in customers. In order to do that, there are two types of sales roles: the field sales, which goes face to face with the clients; and telesales, which uses the power of telephone to reach out to potential customers.

Telesales, or telemarketing, is a preferred method nowadays thanks to practical telephony services like that of RingCentral PBX. Unlike before when telephone lines were costly, technology has permitted large-scale communication for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, this scheme has an annoying image to most of the customers as they tend to call at the worst times of the day. Telemarketers also tend to be persistent.

Now, this is the challenge for our telemarketers—how can they be an effective despite this bad image? How can they reach their monthly quota without being shouted at by their target clients? If you’re a telemarketer or your company is using this scheme, below are some tips for effective telemarketing.

Give A Warm Impression

Listen carefully to the person on the other side. If they answer the call with “Hi, this is Edna,” try not to reply in a formal and canned tone. But do not sound too familiar as well as this can give them the wrong, creepy impression. Play the right mixture of being professional and being warm to your prospective clients.

If they give out their names when they answer the call, try to mention their names every once in a while. This will give them the impression of being accommodated. Also, let them know your name. If it’s your first call, try giving both your first and last name as it will sound professional and credible. But if it’s a follow up call, you can just use your first name.

Persistence is the Game

There has been a study in one of the top universities that there is an 80 percent chance that a customer will be buying from you if you are already on the 4th follow-up call. However, most telemarketers give up too early. The tip here is that stick with your customers. Learn how call them regularly, but not too frequently. And make sure that you are giving them value, so that they will remember you in a positive way.

And if you get the word “You sure are persistent, aren’t you?”, take it as a compliment. Then reply to them with something like “Yes, I am. This is because I believe strongly of what I have and how it can help you”. Turn the negative into a positive.

Timing Issues

This could be the biggest issue. You do not want to piss your customers off. If you are regularly contacting a client, take note of the “Best Time for Call” by silently knowing their schedule. By this, you do not get rejected and you can save time and effort.

Be More Sensitive

Knowing whether they understood what you told them can be a sensitive issue—though it is still possible if you use the proper tone. Instead of saying “Do you understand what I said?” or “Are you following me?”, you can rephrase it without losing the thought. Try using “Did I explain that clearly enough?” or “Did I go into enough detail on that?”. All the lines above have the same message but the first has an insulting tone, which can cut your chances of getting your client to zero.

Condition Their Thinking

It may sound wrong but when you are in sales, you have to have the power to manipulate the way they think. Use key words that are assumptive that they will actually buy the product. This subliminally conditions their thinking to buy from you, perfect if they’re still in the deciding phase.

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