How to Begin your Data Scientist Career at Google?



With its search engine business, productivity and communication tools, YouTube, maps and travel services, and the Android operating system, Google is a haven for data science experts. Few businesses have transformed the world as much as Google has. 


Because there are so many data-driven industries, the organization uses data scientists to collect, analyze, and extract business information. Data scientists are:


  • An integral part of Google’s business.
  • Helping the company understand how users interact with its user-facing products.
  • Finding ways to improve the efficiency of its cloud platforms.
  • Simply using its own data to develop optimization techniques and provide answers to business questions.


What’s the work culture like at Google?

Google takes pride in its “Googleyness,” a phrase used to describe its culture and the desirable traits in its staff that contribute to a positive workplace environment.


Artem Yankov, a Google data scientist, stated that the company also values other “Googley” qualities like acting with the customer in mind, actively seeking out opportunities to support your team, taking the initiative outside of your core job duties, and participating in Google-sponsored events like training or recruiting.


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How much does a data scientist earn at Google?

The average pay for Google data scientists depends on geography, education, and years of experience. The overall compensation also varies significantly depending on whether an employee is eligible for stock grants or an annual bonus.


  • The lowest-paid Google data science interns get about $7,500 per month, with benefits including housing assistance and health insurance for the duration of their internship.


  • In addition to cash bonuses and stock awards, data scientists with a few years of experience and an undergraduate degree in a related subject, such as computer science, statistics, or mathematics, can make an average annual salary of $142,147.


  • Senior data scientists with more than five years of experience, master’s degrees, or doctorates in related fields, such as machine learning, can earn approximately $161,544, plus cash bonuses and stock grants.

How is the data scientist interview process at Google?

Like many other major tech firms, the hiring process for data scientists at Google starts with a phone interview with a recruiter who asks detailed questions about the candidate’s background, interest in the organization, and prior employment.


Recruiters evaluate applicants’ qualifications for the position during this stage, including whether they have an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science, statistics, economics, mathematics, bioinformatics, physics, or a related field. Additionally, they will judge a candidate’s proficiency with advanced analytical techniques, operations research, and analytics.


A technical screener is where qualified candidates who pass the preliminary phone screener go after demonstrating their technical aptitude. Candidates should be prepared to discuss their technical problem-solving process, code in Python and SQL, and use their statistical knowledge to analyze data from the real world.


The last phase is an on-site interview loop when a candidate will be given more technical questions, required to analyze statistical data, answer situational questions regarding Google’s products, and be asked to make business recommendations based on fictitious scenarios.

What’s the internship process for data scientists at Google?

Google offers internships in three areas: 

  1. Business (sales, marketing, communications, and HR) 
  2. Engineering and technology (software engineering, UX research and design, and data science)
  3. BOLD, which stands for Build Opportunities for Leadership and Development and is an internship programme for graduating undergraduate seniors from historically underrepresented backgrounds.


Internships often last 12 to 14 weeks throughout the summer and are full-time, paid positions.


A highly sought-after Google internship requires candidates to succeed in two areas during the application process: technical proficiency and “Googleyness.”


The first one relates to the applicant’s credentials and resumes: 

  • Are they educated in technical fields such as computer science, statistics, computational biology, economics, or others? 
  • Do they have any prior database or scripting language knowledge, such as Python, Java, SQL, or MATLAB? 
  • Do they have any prior experience or interest in the quantitative field?
  • The latter asks if a candidate is “Googley” or if they are the kind of person that other people want to work and hang out with. This is determined by their attitude, work ethic, and personality.

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