How to Build a Graphic Design Career From Scratch

Much like other creative fields, graphic design is an exciting option for those looking for a career. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their days creating beautiful layouts, layout designs, promotional artworks, and more? However, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of newcomers who hope to follow this path. Hence, in this article, we will discuss how can you build a graphic designer career from scratch.


Learn and understand the Basics of Graphic Designing


This is the very first step to take if you want to break into this industry as a graphic designer. This is the first stepping stone. It’s imperative that you take the time to learn the design concepts and have a firm grasp of the design elements before moving forward. Hence, understanding the basics of graphic designing is necessary to build one’s career in graphic designing.


Taking Courses


Well, the second step to building your career as a graphic designer from scratch is with the assistance of graphic designing courses. These courses will help you to gain the skills which are necessary for you to get if you want to start your career as a graphic designer. Knowledge of layouts, how to create attractive layout designs and promotional artworks all are very important topics in graphic designing. So if you want to become a professional graphic designer you should have this knowledge. Reputed institutes are providing graphic designing courses in Kolkata, where you can enroll your name and gain an in-depth knowledge of this field. you should focus on your core strengths in order to make it a viable career option without compromising your values or morals.


Observe Seasoned Graphic Designers


Although this step is occasionally disregarded, it is imperative that you do so. Before beginning their own creative process and serving as an inspiration to others, everyone finds their initial design inspiration elsewhere. It will be beneficial in the long run to become familiar with the work of well-known graphic designers and artists and to follow them on social media. You’ll learn how they accomplish their goals and gain a deeper understanding of both them and their work. By doing this, you’ll develop your own graphic design aesthetic, which you’ll eventually realize after producing a few graphic design works.


Build an Attractive Portfolio


Your web portfolio will be necessary regardless of whether you wish to work as a graphic designer full-time or independently. Having an online portfolio will make it simpler to get employed by different clients, land an interview, or apply for employment vacancies in graphic design.


No matter how little work you have to show off, Behance is a popular platform for graphic artists to promote their work. Quantity doesn’t matter, quality odes. Hence, the most crucial thing is to be present online. Create a professional portfolio early on, and over time, add your best or most recent work to it. It will help you stand out and you may edit it whenever you like.

Consequently, add your online portfolio to your CV. Graphic designers frequently carry digital copies of their portfolios and have them available for use if necessary during a job interview.


Industry Outlook of Graphic Designer


Graphic designers have a wide range of career opportunities throughout the world, but the industry can be split into two main categories: the advertising industry and the publishing industry. The advertising industry focuses on creating commercial art that is applied to products, digital media, packaging, and more. On the other hand, graphic design work in publishing covers a broad range of topics including editorial design, product packaging, and interior design.

Advertising agencies employ graphic designers to create artwork for advertisements as well as digital media such as websites and print campaigns; also employed are communication designers who create content such as brochures, books, and magazines. According to a 2011 study, employment opportunities in this field are expected to rise by 24 percent over the next decade, which means that more and more graphic designers will be needed to create the artwork required. Learn: Scope of Graphic Designing in India.


How is Graphic Designing a Career Option?


Graphic design is very lucrative as it seems. The intricacies of the job are often overlooked by those pursuing this field due to popular misconceptions about its rewards. Many see it as a career with endless financial potential because some graphic designers earn six figures. This makes it a viable career option. For those who have imaginative thinking skills and who appreciate art, technology, and communication, for them, graphic designing is a terrific career. Every business has a requirement for design; therefore graphic designers have a lot of opportunities to work on a variety of brand-new, fascinating projects. Because graphic designers can see how their work affects people in the real world, it can also be a very gratifying career.

How Much Will you Earn as a Graphic Designer?


The typical annual income for a graphic designer in India is in the range of Rs. 2.5 lacs that totally depends on your experience and knowledge of the subject you are working in. You can land a high-paying job if you have a solid understanding and artistic abilities in Dreamweaver and Adobe After Effects.


A graphic designer typically earns roughly $40 k per year in the USA. Graphic designers with greater talent and creativity will be able to earn more money in this industry.

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