How to buy the best domain name for your website?

Whether you own an online business or not, your online presence is mandatory, and this is why you get the best domain name. Furthermore, there have been more than 350 million domain names globally associated with businesses or an organization. It has been vital due to the massive shift in the marketplace from brick-and-mortar to online businesses. The right choice of domain name boosts credibility, improves the buyer’s image of your brand, and depicts the unique attributes of your brand.

The domain

If you are here at this blog, you must know about the domain name. However, for beginners, domain name comprises several elements. One is the domain, and the other is the domain extension. Both the elements have their significance. There are several options for domain names and extensions. In addition, there are some tips to select the perfect domain name we shall discuss later.

Tips for choosing the right domain name

Before deciding to buy a cheap pk domain, you have to work on deciding the right choice of a domain name for your website. Hence, before domain extensions, we shall discuss some important tips for choosing a domain name. This is what you need even before you check up on a top-notch domain registrar to buy cheap domain name.

  • Always begin your domain name search with the keywords because they are the primary identifiers for search engines to get to know your business niche. Quality content, the optimum user experience when joined with the domain keywords, high SERP ranking is a must. You may have to face some difficulty to hit such an over-the-edge complex. However, creativity is the key.
  • Having said that keywords are important, it doesn’t mean you can go overboard regarding domain length. The experts recommend 15 characters’ domain length because it is easier to remember for users. With longer names, there is a big chance of typos and consequent traffic loss.
  • You can buy a reliable domain from any web hosting & domain agency. However, the best domain name is a unique name so that your buyers remember you. Being basic, try to avoid hyphens in your domain names because they indicate the spam domains and are prone to typing errors. If you compromise on a hyphenated domain name because all others are taken, your customers are more likely to land on your competitor’s website. Similarly, avoid using double letters as well.
  • No one wants to stay at the same point of growth over time, and so do you. Therefore, leave room for development with the domain name. For example, indicates no limits and offers a wide range of products worldwide.
  • Knowledge is the primary requirement for the best decisions. Therefore, before you register your domain, you must research the top trends of your target market. Furthermore, you must also confirm the availability of a domain name you are interested in. For example, you may have to face competition if you seek to buy pk domain or a domain with a ccTLD. Therefore, if you find one, you must get it registered as soon as possible with a reliable registrar such as Navicosoft. If you do not know already, domains are more like real estate, and hundreds of people are actively looking for decent, suitable, and the best domain name.

Domain Extensions

After deciding on the domain name, the next step to your website address is the domain extension which is the portion that comes after the dot. TLDs divide the website into various categories, such as the website related to education, often designated .edu. Consequently, it also restricts specific TLDs such as .gov can only be used for the website associated with the government bodies. However, as far as your domain extension is concerned, you can choose a unique approach such as

However, the best practice is to choose from the TLDs (Top-Level-Domains) that give off the option between gTLDs, and ccTLDss. The gTLDs, the generic top-level domains, are the international domain extension .com is the most common, which stands for commercial. If your business operates in Pakistan, the choice is clear for you as you have to get pk domain. However, ccTLDs are the country-specific top-level domains as cc stands for country code such as .uk for the UK, .pk for Pakistan. It is noteworthy that ccTLDs make up 44% of all the registered domains. Certainly, the figures indicate the importance to register pk domain.

Why .pk domain?

Here, we help you with the decision to choose the domain extension that suits the best domain name. Some of the worth mentioning benefits of the country-specific domain extensions are:

  1. Ranking and Local SEO

As mentioned above, the domain name casts a great impact on your website traffic. Determining your domain name with a keyword makes the search engine rank your website against that keyword in SERPs. Similarly, if you register pk domain, google will show your website to the people searching in Pakistan. In this way, choosing a ccTLD will help you improve your local SEO. Certainly, optimizing your business website for SEO right from the start is the best practice to leverage the SEO benefits.

  1. Customer trust

All that a brand needs are to build customer trust and loyalty which creates leads, conversion, and ultimately revenue. The task becomes simple and easy with a ccTLD. Surveys of the popular TLDs indicate that the brand based in a certain country attracts the local consumer much more than the generic brand. Moreover, going for a cheap pk domain would help you address the mistrust issues, especially if you are running an online business. Consumers have huge concerns regarding scams concerning eCommerce businesses. A .pk domain reduces the risk of being a scam for a buyer to zero. Hence, they can be more comfortable and confident in your service and products.

  1. Wider options for domain registration

There has been a significant surge in businesses getting online, which has recently made the online space much crowded. Hence, simple, catchy, unique, and the best domain name are all already taken. Hence, choosing a country-specific domain extension may offer you a wider range of options available. For example, if a domain name of your interest is already registered with .com, you can get pk domain for the same domain name.

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