How To Care For Outdoor Rattan Furniture? Know All The Tips And Tricks To Follow

How to care for rattan furniture to increase its lifespan? Rattan is a perfect combination of beauty and sturdiness, and most rattan furniture needs basic cleaning and care to maintain the natural color and strength. So, read the below mentioned top tips to care for the rattan furniture.

  1. Try To Maintain It Dry

While cleaning, it is necessary to keep it as dry as you can because when you clean Rattan Bar Sets or other rattan sets, it can be oversaturated.

That means it needs to keep outdoor in the sunlight and use a damp cloth with mold furniture cleaner. This will help to maintain the natural color for the long run. So, when you clean it, try to use a little wet cloth with mold detergent cleaner but make sure your furniture does not get oversaturated.  

  1. Clean Gently Using a Soft Cloth

When the furniture gets placed outdoors, then it is natural that it will get covered with dust. However, in this furniture, it is unnecessary to polish it, but it can be sparingly. Also, it would be best if you never used paint thinners or abrasive creams to clean rattan-woven furniture. 

  1. Clean The Stain As Soon As Possible

When you eat and drinks on your rattan accessories, it is common to have some spills, stains, and muddy paw. But you need not try any rubbing procedure because it can damage the shine and quality of the rattan outdoor daybeds. Also, if you rub on it, then the stains and other mud can go deeper into the woven fibers that can create many problems.

Thus, use a dull knife or a spoon to lift them away from the rattan. Once you complete this step, then you can look further to clean it with a damp cloth. 

  1. Also Use, a Toothbrush

Many portions of rattan furniture do not allow you to clean the tiny holes. Thus, you have to use a toothbrush to loosen up the solid or other stains that have dried on your beautiful furniture.

You can also use a dishwashing liquid in a low amount and then take the help of a brush to complete the final step to clean your rattan corner sofa sets gently. 

Why Should You Use Garden Furniture Covers?

The most effective way to protect your stylish and glossy rattan furniture is to cover them with properly designed covers. This is the best option to use during the winter and when rain is expected.

There are many rattan furniture covers available, and all of them match the size of all the ratan furniture. However, some of the furniture is water and dustproof; therefore, they do not require such treatment, but it is excellent to do the same from your hands because it will help you to keep your furniture functional for a long time.  

What Are The Other Rattan Furniture Caring Tips To Follow?

There is no doubt rattan furniture, whether large or compact, drag it anywhere outdoor and indoors. But while dragging, it can get damaged from the bottom side. Thus, whenever you shift your rattan furniture, you should make sure that it has adequately lifted.


You can also add or place the rubber caps on each leg of your luxurious furniture to prevent excessive wear and splitting. Also, it is advisable to keep the furniture away from an over or low-humidity environment to make it more durable.

It will help you if you move your 6 seater rattan dining set with parasol or any ordinary rattan product from the place where sunlight is heavier. Besides this, you can use a cushion to make the sitting comfortable and reduce the pressure from the corners and supports.

Rattan is luxurious furniture and also requires less or a little maintenance. But you can boil it to make it more durable, shiny, and glossy. Thus, when you are using it will give dirt and dust-free sitting or sleeping experience.


If you have outdoor rattan daybeds or sofas sets, you should follow the tips and techniques we have discussed because they help you enjoy your furniture. Whether it gets food stain or drink spill, it stays protected, and you keep enjoying your beautiful and stylish furniture for long more than five to eight years.

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