How to Choose Best and Attractive Kinnaur Tour Packages?

The rugged beauty and wonderland of Kinnaur, where rivers flow from the deep gorges of the Himalayas, the crossing highways of the ancient Hindustan-Tibet highway take tourists to this secret city called Kinnaur. It is a small town where the beauty of India lives and therefore it is known as the “Land of Stories”. Kinnaur shares its eastern border with Tibet and has a striking resemblance to Tibetan culture.

There are two main valleys worth seeing in Kinnaur are Sanga Valley and Asma Valley. The Sanga Valley which is included in Kinnaur Tour Packages, adorned with alpine meadows, snow-capped hills, and orchid farms, includes traditional Kinnauri-style houses and stone and wooden temples. Adventure seekers make Hillside Valley their favorite destination for exciting activities such as paragliding, fishing, and rafting.

Adventure Activities For Users In Kinnaur Tour Packages

  • Kinnaur’s high terrain allows for a variety of adventure activities. In the Sangla Valley, tourists can enjoy adventure activities such as rock climbing, rope climbing, nature trails, bird watching, and river crossing.
  • Kinnaur Kailash ‘Parikrama’ is the famous Kinnaur hiking trail. Bhaba Valley and Sangla Valley Cruises are other popular hiking trails.

History of Kinnaur:

Kinnaur was part of the ancient Chini Tehsil in the Mahasu area. It later became a separate area on May 1, 1960. It was subordinate to the Buşahr Principality and its capital was Kamru. No historical record for the Kinnaur region

Weather conditions In Kinnaur Region

Kinnaur has a very mild climate due to its altitude. Winters are most visible from October to May, and summer lasts from June to September. There are light monsoons in the Sutlej and Baspa valleys in the region. Baspa Valley is the region with the most rainfall in July. They are considered arid regions and have a similar climate to Tibet and Central Asian countries. That’s why in the Kinnaur Tour Packages the expert plan according to your wishes so you can visit the place according to you.

Places Included In Kinnaur Tour Packages With Many More Exciting Places:

1) Sangla Valley Visit

Sangla Valley is situated on the right bank of the Baspa river. One Of the most charming valleys in the entire Asia region. Which is included in the Kinnaur Tour Packages

2) Kamru Overlooking Sangla Village Visit

Kamru Overlooking Sangla village stands the towering hill fort of Kamru to show the power of the rulers of Kinnaur. It is believed to have been brought from Assam several centuries ago.

3) Chitkul Visit

Chitkul Last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibet border. The experts of the Himview Holiday comment that any visit to Kinnaur is incomplete without a visit to Chitkul.

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