How to Choose Right Colour With Assistance of Interior Designer St Albans

Choosing a perfect colour is not an easy task to do. Sufficient time is spend to find the right one. Get the assistance of popular Interior designer ST Albans to help you with it.

Choosing the right colour for your home always leave you perplexed. Don’t worry; you are not alone. In this article, we will cover all those colours suggested by interior designer ST Albans that look perfect for your home.

Some individuals have a fear or dislike some colours, and it is usually known as Chromophobia. It is usually an unconscious response, rather than a natural response. However, this is a rare case. So, let’s discuss the colours and the fears associated with and how we can overcome it and use it in any way we like.

Xenophobia- Fear Of The Yellow Colour 

Golden yellow basement

When you use a yellow colour on the walls, it evokes a sense of positivity and energy. This colour is mostly associated with the sun and flowers. Yellow colour depicts bright, cheery, inspiring, warmth and helps in boosting energy and confidence.

How to lose your fear of using it? It comes with great attributes. So try adding touches of yellow in a kitchen, living room or basement.

Interior designer ST Albans

 Erythrophobia- Fear Of The Red Colour 

Red is often associated with danger and embarrassment. Often people when blushing due to any embarrassing situation. However, there is another side to it as well; it is strong; it represents passion and is very intense. Also, it is known to increase blood pressure, energy, hunger and appetite.

How to lose the fear of using it? You can add it in the kitchen. So, you can have it done on a focal wall in the dining room or even a small space like a powder room. When you use it in the powdered room, it is bold and dramatic. It is also a great place to even try new colours. 

Cyanophobia- Fear Of The Blue Colour 

Several studies have shown that blue colour is associated with productivity, honesty and authority. Light blue colours are associated with lower blood pressure and steady breathing. On the other hand, cool blues can also be related to the feelings of serenity and repose.

How to lose your fear of using it? It is best for offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.


Porphyrophobia: Fear Of The Colour Purple

Purple is a colour that is often related to restful, serene and creativity in a room. Also, depending on the shades, it reflects the emotions of blue or red tones. Lighter shades like lavender are known to help aid in sleep. Darker shades are associated with royalty and bring feelings of pride, wealth and nobility.

How to lose the fear of using this colour? It is the best colour for bedrooms, basements and bathrooms. 

Chrysophobia – Fear Of The Colour Orange

Bright orange colour is often known as a social colour when used in a bedroom. Orange is an exciting colour. It is great for conversation, communication and interaction. It indicated youth and energy. 

How to lose the fear of using colour? Use it in the gym room, family room, kitchen or on the walls of a bedroom.

Prasinophobia- Fear Of The Colour Green

Every shade of green used in the bedroom gives a look of nature. Lighter shades are the most stressful and calming. Green is often associated with the earth, new growth and new beginnings. It is full of life, inspiring, peace and promotes good health.

Several studies conducted have also shown that the colours of green are relaxing and soothing to the human eye. Green is a perfect colour for offices, family rooms, bedroom, and bathrooms.

Melanophobia- Fear Of The Colour Black

Black colour, when used, can add drama to any room. Around the world, this colour is as a colour of fear; however, it also represents strength and confidence.

How can you lose the fear of using this colour? Use it on the accent wall in any room because it is empowering. Remove your fear by including what you love, and it is the best way to conquer your fear.

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