How to choose the best Band Saw for your Work?

Band saws are very simple, but at the same time extremely practical tools. Many craftsmen and hobbyists cannot do without them, which is understandable, because the band saw allows for quick and aesthetic processing of wood, metal and some plastics. You just need to have a little practice and choose the right saw. How to do it?

First plans, then expectations

First of all, the search always begins with determining the use of the saw. Despite the fact that they are simple devices, they are quite diverse and an improperly matched tool will not allow you to achieve the perfect effect. There are, of course, some rules that may later change the original arrangements a bit, but you need to determine what materials you will work with, how often and therefore how durable the saw should be.

Basic parameters that need to be checked

  • Working height: this parameter does not need to be explained to anyone, but it can be added that the working height given by the manufacturer of the device, although it is obvious, is usually not comfortable in practice – it is better to choose a circular saw with a height slightly higher than the maximum element planned. This will allow more planning freedom and increase the comfort of working with the tool you have been carrying in your toolbag on wheels.
  • Distance between the frame and the cutting line: this parameter can be defined as the maximum width of the workpiece to be cut. As far as making details is concerned, there is no problem, but cutting a slice from a tree log can be a problem, because here not only the working height is important, but also the depth to which the workpiece can be placed. Obviously, increasing this value too much does not make sense, since the saw itself will also get bigger and bigger until it eventually takes up too much space for no apparent reason.
  • Power: the bigger the better, but for two reasons. The first one is quite clear – more power allows you to process harder materials, i.e. soft conifers, hard deciduous trees and metals. However, even if there are no plans to process metal, it is worth considering the purchase of a saw with a little more power – firstly, the plans may change, and secondly – the more powerful motor is much more durable, so the service life of the device will be significantly longer, and this will is also not insignificant.

Alternative of Band Saw

If you are looking for an Alternative of the Band saws as they are really heavy machines, Scroll Sawas can be the best option due to their small size and easy portability. There can be a good debate on band saw vs scroll saw. The scroll saw is a good alternative for woodworking to the millimeter and fine contours. Because with their thin saw blade and high maneuverability, you can work out fine and round shapes from your workpiece.

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