How To Clean Your Tiles And Shine Them Again Like New?

Dirt and polluted air are the main reasons to make your floor looking dirty and filthy over time. Moreover, it may also turn the tiles and floor black in the case of underestimating the tiles cleaning patterns and techniques. If this is happening to your floors then the tiles will also lose their shine earlier before time and damage the overall appearance of the area. Therefore, you should consider the cleaning of floors and tiles instead of ignoring time by time. Through this, you may make your floor look shiny and sparkling again within minimum time and effort.

Moreover, you can’t always choose expensive products and solutions for floors and tiles just because of lower budgets and improper knowledge about the specifications of the floors. In this case, you can also use natural ingredients and homemade solutions for cleaning and shining the tiles within no time.

The best part is these ingredients doesn’t have any negative impact on the structure and texture of tiles. So, you can use these ingredients in almost all types of tiles. Through this, you can save yourself from huge investment as well as your floor from damages and discolouration due to high chemical cleaning products.

Besides this, you can make these solutions and homemade recipes for cleaning tiles and floors even without involving any kind of harmful containment. Because chemicals containment is dangerous for human being and environment especially for kids.

Disinfect And Deodorize Floors Through Vinegar:

No doubt, vinegar is a must-have ingredient in our kitchens. But it also has a lot of efficient and sufficient cleaning properties or benefits. So, you can add these ingredients in your tiles and grout cleaning patterns for excellent results. Because it has effective and potential containment to clean and shine the floor like a pro.

Moreover, it is cost-friendly and easily available in everyone’s house. So, anyone can choose it to clean tiles and floor without any mess and trouble. However, if the floor’s condition is older and poor then you should avoid using it directly on the floor. Because in the case of previous damage, vinegar may create trouble for your floor and tiles. Therefore, it’s better to use it in combination with water or other natural ingredients such as baking soda.

You can use it to clean, sanitize, deodorize and disinfect your floors from germs, grime and bacteria. Even if you are using the vinegar in combination with other products, you should wash out or wipe out the floor completely once you have done with the complete process. Moreover, you can also use it to refresh your floors after cleaning in a spray form with the help of a spray bottle.

Utilize Ammonia For Mopping:

Well, it’s better to treat the floors with natural ingredients and DIY remedies to preserve the tiles for a long period. But in the case of more dirt and filth on the floor, you can also go for ammonia solution for your floors. But you shouldn’t pour this solution directly on the tiles. Firstly, mix the solution with water and soak or dip the mopping cloth in it. Now, mop out the complete floor with the help of this soaked mopping cloth.

This will help to treat your floors for mold, mildew, grime and grease even without leaving any mark and spot on the tiles. Moreover, you can also scrub the floor with the help of this solution for tough stains and marks. The results of these solutions will be more than your expectations like professional tile cleaners. So, go for this option to clean and save the floor from further build-up. Rinse off the tiles and floors appropriately with the help of lukewarm water after getting done with cleaning mopping process.

Try To Seal The Floors With Glossy Sealants:

As we are talking about getting back the shine and spark of floor or tiles after cleaning to make them look great and more attractive than before. For this, you should also consider the sealing process of your floors. No doubt, tiles have protection layers. But these layers might be disappeared over time due to grime and dirt on the floor. Moreover, if you are choosing irregular and inappropriate cleaning patterns then it may also damage the shine of your floors.

Therefore, the appropriate application of a sealant is necessary as well as tiles and grout cleaning. However, the specifications and types of these sealants are different for multiple types of tiles and floors. So, you can’t use the same sealant on all types of tiles. Otherwise, the natural protection layer or shine may also damage. Moreover, if the older sealer is damaged then you should firstly remove it then apply the new layer for better and smooth floor. Through this, you can get the shine back of tiles and your floors within your budget and time.




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