How to Connect Fax on the EPSON Printer

Sharing files and other important files is much more secure than email or additional providers. Important files or files can be sent to a different fax system with the help of an EPSON printer that has developed faxing capabilities. Landlines and mobile services can also be used. If you want to fax in black and white or colour, use your printer’s control panel. Be sure to look at the EPSON printer’s fax settings and confirm the fax until you send a fax from the EPSON fax system.

Steps to Set up Fax on the Epson Printer:

These are the instructions below to set up the Epson Fax printer. Follow the guidelines in precisely the same sequence to avoid problems:

  • Verify that you have adequate online connectivity.
  • Place the required document in the document feeder with the print side facing up.
  • After you have placed the file, you can change the width of the paper according to the required paper size.
  • If you want a black and white or colour fax, click the right arrow on the printer’s control panel and click the “OK” button.
  • To index the fax sum, you can use the keyboard on the control panel.
  • Now, in another step, click the “start” button to send a fax with the help of an EPSON printer.
  • Requires a page or fax, place the page on the scanner glass, and then attach the scanner lid correctly.
  • Click here on the ideal arrow to choose the fax colour in the EPSON fax printer settings and then click the “OK” button.
  • The EPSON fax system will send the fax and print the confirmation page.
  • For the memory fax, you will be prompted to scan the first few documents or the file into the printer’s memory and you can send the fax from the memory card.

Faxing is the safest option for sending your scanned files or printed fabric. Please follow the steps mentioned above correctly, and if you are still having difficulty, contact EPSON experts to resolve your Epson Printer in Error State.

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