How to connect Loyverse POS with Bigcommerce?

Loyverse Bigcommerce Integration using SKUPlugs is a straightforward process that helps streamline your multi-channel retail operations. To begin, ensure you have both Loyverse POS and a Bigcommerce store already set up and functioning. Then, SKUPlugs acts as the vital intermediary to establish a connection between these two platforms.

The initial step, generate the API credentials from Bigcommerce and Authorize SKUPlugs to communicate with your Bigcommerce store using these API credentials. Once the SKUPlugs authorized to communicate with Bigcommerce, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your Loyverse POS account within the SKUPlugs interface. This step authorizes SKUPlugs to access and sync data between the two platforms, creating a seamless integration. SKUPlugs serves as the conduit for information transfer, making sure that product details, inventory levels, and sales data remain consistent and up to date between your brick-and-mortar store and your online Bigcommerce shop.

After the connection is established, you can enjoy real-time inventory updates, ensuring that your Bigcommerce store always reflects accurate product availability from your physical store. This integration simplifies product management, streamlines order processing, and offers a more cohesive shopping experience for both you and your customers. Loyverse Integration with Bigcommerce through SKUPlugs empowers your business to efficiently manage sales across different channels while maintaining data accuracy and consistency.

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