How to cover Current Affairs for UPSC CSE?

The significance of Current Affairs in the Civil Services exam is nothing that is not already rhetoricated by toppers and experts from our institute, Legacy IAS Academy. Every year the question paper of UPSC CSE carry a fair weightage of Current Affairs oriented questions. Current Affairs has always been a topic of anxiety for aspirants because of its dynamic nature. Here in this article, we will talk about how to effectively cover Current affairs for UPSC CSE.


A well jotted out plan for UPSC CSE Current Affairs can very clearly give you an edge in your preparation. Though there is no one size fits all strategy for it. You can modify the plan according to your own standards. There are many pages that are made available by Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka for aspirants. So that they find one window solution for all kinds of national and international news.

Following other few points that should be kept in mind while preparing for current affairs. 

  • Gathering the sources: There are plenty of resources available for current affairs in the market. Students get derailed and get lost in the labyrinth of materials. Half of what they buy eat only dust or are often not read again. It is advisable that they go for qualitative content only. There is no single source but aspirants can choose from the below mentioned sources: –


  • One national Newspaper either THE HINDU or INDIAN EXPRESS.
  • Daily newsticles by Best IAS academy in Bangalore
  • One current affair monthly booklet
  • One monthly magazine; Yojana or Kurukshetra
  • PIB and All India Radio Discussion

  •  Allotting right amount of time:  Students often spend more than required time in newspaper or current affairs reading. Newspaper reading along with notes should take more than 1 and half hour. Every day at least this much time should be allotted to newspapers.  Monthly magazines and booklets should be covered at the end of every month. And weekly revision of current affairs must be done. YouTube summaries are provided by Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. Apart from that, Subject wise Current Affairs are offered as well for cutting down the labor of candidates. 

  • Relating with Static Portion: It is very important to relate the current affairs with the static part. UPSC never asks direct questions. The trend has been shifted to the application part of concepts. Which is why amalgamating the current affairs with the static topics will amplify the understanding. The GS program of the most preferred IAS academy in Bangalore aims to sharpen the static concepts of students.

  • Solve daily MCQs: Prelims is the bottleneck of UPSC. A lot of aspirants even after covering the entire syllabus and revision fail to sail through the exam because of lack of practice. Solvig daily MCQs is one of the wisest things you can do in your preparation. Among other IAS Institute in Bangalore, Legacy IAS Academy provides an inclusive coverage of monthly and yearly current affairs in the elaborative form. It also conducts special sessions to address the doubts regarding the concepts. 

  • Revision is the key: The tutors of almost every other UPSC Coaching in Bangalore greatly empathize on the importance of revision. It works as a jewel of a habit to crack down the most prestigious exam of the country. Revising your personal notes allows you to be quick in solving the questions with utmost clarity.


Nevertheless, current affairs should not be the only focus of aspirants. Reading the news without the knowledge of conventional topics will go in vain as you will not be able to grasp the crux of the news. UPSC never asks about the happenings rather it asks about the impact or effectuality of a certain event. As a premium IAS coaching in Bangalore, legacy IAS Academy lays out a consolidated and unified prelim plus mains approach for the students so that no place area untapped. The current affairs model of Legay IAS Academy will be of a great use from the aspirants. All the best!

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