How to Create a Family Tree?

A visual representation of a person’s lineage is referred to as a family tree. A family tree is used to trace a person’s relationships with their common ancestors. In addition to this, you can also use it to find your ancestors. The structure of a family tree is similar to a natural tree. The family tree, too, contains roots, branches, and leaves. The lines originate from a family tree’s roots and start expanding and dividing into many branches. These branches terminate at leaves containing the name of one of your ancestors. The leaf of a family tree also represents the information like date of birth, marriage, and date of death of a particular ancestor.

Drawing a family tree needs in-depth research because a family tree also has deep roots, just like a natural tree. Multiple sources are available from where you can collect the information about your ancestors, like who they were, from where they came, whether any of your ancestors adopted a child or not, etc. To collect this information, you can visit your local library, like the genealogy library in Spokane, Washington, Alene, Idaho. You can also read online posts like blogs on family hunger genealogy Spokane Washington Alene Idaho. This blog lists information on how to create a family tree.

Why Should I Need to Create a Family Tree?

Many people here in Washington are interested in finding their family’s roots. By the phrase “roots of family tree,” I mean collecting the family’s origin information. They want to know about the history of their ancestors. That’s why they also prefer reading books and blogs on family history, like adopted children’s lifestyles book ideas Spokane Washington Alene Idaho. Like these people, if you are also interested in your ancestry, or you often search the answers to the following questions, you should create a family tree.

• Who am I?
• From where did I come?
• Who are my ancestors?
• How did my ancestors look?
• What is the link between my ancestors and me?
• What is the origin of my family?

Creating a Family Tree

A family tree ranges from simple to complex. Its complexity depends on the research you do. For example, if you want to incorporate only your family members like your parents, grand and great-grandparents, including you in a family tree, you will have to do simple research. This type of family tree does not contain much information.

On the other hand, a complicated family tree includes many information, including you, your parents, uncles, aunts, grand and great grandparents, etc. This type of family tree requires in-depth research. For this, you have to collect information from various sources like different books in libraries. You also have to read blogs on family hunger genealogy Spokane Washington Alene Idaho on different websites. You cannot create this type of tree in a short time. Therefore, you need to be patient while creating a complex family tree.

Getting Started

Collecting the Information

The first step to make a family tree is collecting the information. Start with writing whatever you know about your family. Ask your family members and write down all the information you get from them. Visit libraries of your area, surf on the internet, and read blogs on family hunger genealogy Spokane Washington Alene Idaho. Also, try to collect the genealogy information from multiple sources like books. If possible, try to extract data from adopted children’s lifestyles book ideas Spokane Washington Alene Idaho.

Draft an Outline of your Family Tree

After collecting all pieces of information, it is the time to outline your family tree. Take a paper and with pen or pencil start drawing an outline. Start with yourself and trace the tree towards the oldest ancestor you have found during your research. It will be a freehand drawing, so you need not bother about it.

Adding Information to Each Leaf of the Family Tree

After drawing an outline on paper, the third step is to add information to every tree leaf. You can use any shape in the place of a leaf, like a box, a rectangle, a circle, or any other irregular shape. Each of these shapes represent the leaf of the tree. Keep one thing in mind while creating a leaf that it should be large enough to display all the information of a particular ancestor in it.

Do Not Air Your Family’s Secrets

Every family has some secrets which should be hidden from all. Therefore, if you found such sensitive information during your research on your ancestors, do not try to air them through the family tree you created.

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