How to Create an Engaging Summer Play Area for Kids at Home

Summer is here, and if you have a child who’s been looking forward to playing outside during their summer break, then it’s time to get the backyard ready! When kids are home from school, summer is the time of year, and they have more free time to play outside. This can lead to boredom, especially for children with limited access to activities or those who live in a city where they don’t have much space to run around. There are many ways you can create an engaging play area for kids at home. You may want to consider adding a sandbox with sand toys, installing an outdoor trampoline or swing set, making an inside basketball space with green area rugs, or even building your treehouse. Whatever you choose will depend on what type of activities your child enjoys most. What have you done in your yard this year? Share some ideas below!


Make a Canopy in the Corner

It can be easily constructed by attaching a few posts to your fence with strong twine and then draping a tarp over them. The best part about this type of play area is that it takes up very little space in the yard, so you don’t have to worry about blocking visibility or sunlight for other areas. 


Build a Treehouse

It is perfect for kids who love being outdoors and want their place they can call home. If your child wants their treehouse, think about a design before starting construction because you may have to change the design. It is always best to take your kids with you when looking for supplies because they know what they want and will provide input on how it should look. When buying wood, avoid pressure-treated lumber, which has chemicals that can make children sick if touched or eaten. It is best to use kiln-dried lumber, which will not warp or shrink when exposed to moisture. Buy a couple of the same size boards so you can make them as wide and long as possible before cutting them into usable lengths.


Create a Pool

Kids love to swim, and some of the best playscapes include a pool. You will need to make sure there is a fence around it and that it has steps so kids can get in without getting their clothes wet or having trouble climbing out onto the ground. Moreover, If you have enough space inside your house, consider building an on-site pool for kids to use during the summer months.


Take Advantage of an Unused Room

If you have a spare unused room in your house, consider turning it into a play area. This will give kids plenty of space to run around and get their energy out before they crash for the day. You can keep the furniture in the room or purchase some inexpensive storage containers to store them. You will need flooring and a ceiling fan for sure, but you can also incorporate natural materials like plants in the room to make it a little more inviting. Make it safe and fun by layering the floor with soft and colorful kids’ rugs.


Build an Obstacle Course

A versatile toy can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on what materials are available at both locations. Obstacle courses are great for kids because they get to experience various activities and strengthen their gross motor skills in the process. Kids can crawl through tunnels, balance obstacles, climb up or down steps, jump from platform to platform, etc. The best part about building this is using recycled items is that you won’t need any tools, and you can make it fit into any space.


A Way to Enhance the Experience

Pick up some playdough or use your child’s favorite finger paint recipe and create a colorful work of art on one wall. Let kids explore their creativity by painting all over the paper, squishing everything through their fingers, rolling bits of food coloring in the dough. Kids will be delighted to see what colors they can make from a simple pot of finger paint and some playdough! Another way to enhance their experience is If you have a small backyard or large front yard, build up your sandpit in an area with plenty of room for kids to move around freely. Place buckets with water and sponges nearby for clean-up.


Build a Story Corner

Kids are true fans of stories. They enjoy being read to and also like telling their own stories. They can tell a story by using the photos you have in your photo album or on your phone as inspiration for new plots (think of it as an interactive family scrapbook!). Or make a corner with a couch or floor bedding to tell them stories. It is also a perfect spot for kids’ movie time.


Build a Playhouse

Kids love to play house, and with this project, they’ll get the chance to create their own. It only takes a little time (whether you want it simple or detailed), cardboard boxes, and markers! You can also give them new pots and pans for pretend cooking and provide some materials for the next phase of the game.


Encourage them to Doodle.

Install a whiteboard or chalkboard in the play area to allow kids to draw on it. Encourage them to use their creativity and makeup games with rules, like a scavenger hunt or even hopscotch! Tell them to draw their favorite animals, cartoon characters, or their favorite food.


Make it a Garden Party.

One of the most amazing things to do during summer is play in the garden! Provide them with all sorts of materials they can use as gardening tools, like trowels and watering cans for pretend planting. Encourage them to find plants that grow well in your area (or buy some) and plant them in a small pot or container so they can take care of them during the warmer months.


Designate an Area for Creative Exploration

Give kids plenty of room to explore their creative side with outside toys like sidewalk chalk, kites, bubbles, water balloons – anything that lets them play creatively outdoors! Let your children’s imagination run wild! Let them be creative and explore new ways.


Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your kids entertained during the summer, try creating an indoor play area. Choose soft and cozy textures like rugs from RugKnots that make it feel more like home. You can also put up pictures or artwork on the walls as decorations and use different lights throughout the room. Getting creative with sensory elements will help your child have a memorable experience at home this summer! Which other ideas do you think would work well in setting up an interactive space? Do you have any suggestions about creating an outdoor environment where children are encouraged to run around freely? Let us know by commenting below!


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