How to design a two-page resume?

A two-page resume is something that tells more about applicants to the recruiter. A one-page resume is perfect to apply for almost all types of jobs.

Sometimes you may have ordered to keep your resume in the following format. So, before making a resume, you should check the recruitment post if there is any format specified by the authority.

If there is no specific format that has been mentioned to drop your resume, then you can make your resume in such formats one page or two pages whatever you want.

Most of the applicants follow the wrong way to create a two-page resume. A one-page resume is easy enough to make quickly.

But a two-page resume needs more concentration and options to make it perfect.

If you are one who also faced a hard time to create a two-page resume and come online to find some instructions.

Then you are in the right place here, as we are also describing here how to design a two-page resume.

If you are almost new to resume making, then you should keep it just follow,

When you should use a two-page resume?

As previously said, not always you can use a two-page resume for the job application. Generally, most job recruitments prefer a one-page resume.

If there is no specification, then you can post a two-page resume that would tell the recruiters more about yourself.

There are some purposes for creating a two-page resume. If you have enough skills and qualifications that you think won’t cover in a one-page resume.

If you have so much working experience that needs a two-page resume because you know they won’t fit in a one-page resume.

So, we can say that, if you are a highly experienced and skillful job candidate and you don’t think one page can be suitable for you. Then you can use a two-page resume to better focus yourself.

Besides, there are some job applications where you would have to give a two-page resume and they are,

  • Financial analyst
  • Accountant
  • Marketing manager
  • Computer science manager
  • Business analyst
  • Executive officer
  • Sales manager
  • Office manager
  • Project manager

Formatting tips for a two-page resume

If you are preparing a two-page resume for your next job application, then you should consider some of the options that must be added to a two-page resume.

Many job applicants aren’t so smart to present a two-page resume that can then be easily eliminated from the competition.

As you can’t get a lot of two-page resume templates on the internet, you wouldn’t get options to make a perfect one for you.

If you have the skills to design a resume in yourself, then you are blessed as it would take only one or two days to design a perfect resume.

But if you don’t have that, you should meet a graphic design company that can understand your needs.

No problem, here we have gathered some important formatting options to create a perfect two-page resume below,


For your two-page resume layout, you should take 1 inch from all of the sides of your resume.


Whether you are making a one-page resume or a two page, your font should be well looked and it must be easy to read.

Don’t use more than two different fonts in your resume as it can make the resume look busy?

For any type of resume template, you can use Ariel, Helvetica, and Calibri font as they are ensured of a good resume.

First-page header

The header of the resumes first page is much important as it holds the contact and basic information of the applicant.

You must have to include your full name, phone number, mailing address, and email address. Besides, if you have any website or virtual portfolio that keeps you active online, you should keep the link in this section.

Put only important facts on the first page

In a two-page resume, the first page is something that will get the first contact with the recruiting officer that may check your resume.

So, you have to be careful about the first page of your resume. You should include only that information that needs to get priority.

That means you should add work experience, skill list, resume summary, educational qualifications, certifications all on the first page of the resume.

And on the second page? You should keep only publications, conferences, and all other additional elements on the second page.

The second page also needs a header

When the resume includes two pages and there are chances to check your resumes second page by the recruiter.

So, you have also made your resumes second page properly. On the second page of your resume, you should have to use another header.

It gives you an extra advantage if the recruiter directly jumps to the second page of the resume. In the second page resumes header, you should repeat the information that you have used on the first page.

The fonts also need to be the same as the first page but it comes in smaller than the rest of the resume part.

Don’t repeat your skills on the second page

If you have already mentioned the skill section on the first page of your resume, then you shouldn’t repeat that on the second page.

Repeating the same information can slow down the recruiter while checking your resume and that can make him/herself getting distracted from your resume.

If you don’t want to distract the hiring manager, then you should not do that.

Number your resume pages

Though it is not as important you can use this to keep yourself different from other applicants.

Numbering would also refer to your smartness and attention to present the resume to the recruiting officer.

For numbering your resume pages, you can use this format like 1 / 2 or 2/2.

Put your contact information on both pages

When you are making a two-page resume to apply for a job, it is necessary to include your contact information on both of the pages.

Your contact information can be your phone number, email address, social media profile, and others. Whatever it is, don’t forget to keep the information on both the pages header section.

It will keep you the recruiter connected with your name and position even if they skipped the first of the resume.

Keep it as concise and simple

Even if it is a two-page resume, it doesn’t mean you should have included so much unnecessary information to fill up both pages.

You need to be concise while adding pieces of information to your two-page resume. Doing this can harm you in the future if you have called for the viva part.

For both one page and two-page review, you should follow this option to keep yourself concise and try to make the resume simple.

Do you know simplicity always gets easy access when you have to remember that?

Don’t make it as double-sided

Making a resume on a page with double-sided information isn’t better for the next performance.

Many of them make this mistake in making a two-page resume. Using the information on both sides of the page can irritate the recruiter to check and also turning over the page. That’s why you should make it on two different sheets.

Put education and certification on page two

Education and certification are two common factors to include in every resume. You have to add this information to show your educational qualification and certification to the recruiting officer.

In a page resume, this information comes on the first page. But for a two-page resume, you have to add those on the second page of the resume.

Besides, references and if you have several volunteers works that you include in previous, you should also keep them on the second page of the resume.

From the above discussion, a two-page resume surely is something that can take you up to prove all of the positives to the recruiter.

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