How to ensure the safety and security of everyone and everything with the help of lightning protection systems?

The thunderstorms can occur anywhere and at any point of time because of the lightning strikes which can very easily damage any of the architecture very harshly. The lightning strikes will have several kinds of adverse effects on the property as well as the life of the human beings which is the main reason implementation of lightning protection devices is very much important nowadays to make sure that safety and security are very well there. The Burj Khalifa lightning protection system helps to provide complete protection to the entire building of Burj Khalifa and the best part is that this particular system has been done by the Indian companies which is a great moment of pride for India. 

Lightning can be termed as natural phenomena which include several volts of power that can be easily surpassed even the hotter temperatures which are even hotter than the surface of the earth which means that it is very much dangerous for the people and property on earth. It will bring several kinds of catastrophic damages very easily which is the main reason paying proper attention towards the protection of lightning is a very necessary step to be in the taken by the people. At the time of bad weather electrical equipment which includes the TV and computer should be very easily plugged out to make sure that there is no damage to them. 

Following are some of the things associated with the lighting: 

-Fire-related risk: This particular concept also relates to the fire whenever the lighting will come to the roof. The heat from the lightning strike will run through the walls and can trigger several kinds of electrical issues throughout the architecture which will further bring various kinds of issues. The worst part of the whole thing is that everything will be unnoticed until the smoke comes out which is the main reason kinds of issues can cause biggest damages to the business organisations and can lead to the great loss of income as well. Hence, it is very much important for the business organisations to go with the option of implementing the lightning protection systems so that they can make sure that everything will be perfect in terms of implementation and there is no issue to the people and assets present in those buildings. 

-The lightning rods: This is a very important component of the whole lighting system and will make sure that the proper pathway is given to the lightning whenever it comes and strikes any of the structure. Hence, when the positioning will be done in such a way it will become most likely and will make sure that is the first and quickest path has been provided to the lighting concept. This particular system will help in providing the grounding network which will ultimately help in covering the lower resistance path of the ground to the electricity. 

-The earthing system: Several kinds of materials for example copper as well as aluminium will always help in making sure that low resistance path has been created for the lightning to the ground so that dangerous electricity and side-effects can be dealt very easily. Hence, at the time of implementation of lightning protection systems, several things have to be taken into consideration so that there are no adverse effects on the ground and building structures are perfectly implemented and protected all the time. The lightning protection systems have become the most important thing to be taken into consideration nowadays because they are also based upon several kinds of benefits to the offices so that there is no loss of income as well as human life. Hence, protecting all these kinds of establishments will make sure that documents are very much safe and secure enjoy a good quality of life in the coming years. 

-The installation process: This particular concept should be paid proper attention and the systems must be installed on electrical service panels along with several kinds of incoming and outgoing lines. These kinds of systems are the very first defensive action against the harmful strikes of the lightning and the lightning rods will always help in protecting the whole building. Hence, these kinds of systems must be based upon size and type of the property and it is very much important to cover the entire system very well.

Many of the people go with the option of making the mistake of underestimating the concept of lightning which is the main reason one must never believe into the false statistics and one must make sure that several kinds of risks and threats are very much important to be saved. Each of the people is very much prone to the effects associated with the lighting which is the main reason all the organisations and the house owners must be proper attention to the implementation of lighting protection systems. 

Following are some of the precautions which the people can take whenever there is a lightning strike: 

-Outdoor precautions: These kinds of precautions include avoiding all kinds of outdoor activities at the time of lightning strikes. At the time when people have been stuck up in all the size of situations, they must remember the 30-30 rule which means that whenever the lightning strikes come one must start counting to be 30 and in case the thunder has been heard at the time of counting till 30 and one must move to the indoor places as early as possible. Also, people must try to never move out until the 30 minutes have been passed under the last thunder sound. 

-Indoor precautions: It is very much important for the people to stay indoors and avoid contact with water and other electrical systems because lightning can travel very easily through these kinds of things. It is very much important for people to avoid the usage of electrical appliances at the time of lighting. 

Hence, people must go with the option of getting the lightning protection systems installed in their establishments. Even the large establishments like Burj Khalifa have installed the Burj Khalifa lightning arrestor to make sure that they can deal with lightning strikes and the adverse effects very easily and efficiently so that there is no loss of property or life.

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