How to find/measure laptop screen size?

today almost everyone uses laptops, due to its compatibility and portability. So, have you wondered? how to find the size of the laptop screen, if sometimes you need to measure it.

Or sometimes, as usual, you get your laptop to measure the exact size of the screen.

Typical laptops come with a screen size ranging from 11inches to 20Inches. However, computers come with wider screens. 

in this article, we have explained regarding some technics that you can use to find the exact size of your laptop, desktop, or TV.

So, without wasting time let’s get straight into it!

How to find the size of a laptop screen?

There are certain methods, which you can use to measure the screen size of laptops, desktops or TVs, etc.

Some of the methods, that you can use are as follows

Find the screen size of the laptop manually:

You might take the inch tape or ruler to try to measure the screen size. However, for that, you need to measure it diagonally.

Measure the screen from the top right side of the screen to the bottom left side. Or top left side to the bottom right side.

And this will give you an accurate measurement of the screen.

Checkout Online:

If measuring with tape seems awkward. So, you can simply go online to find the accurate size of the laptop screen.

Every laptop, desktop of TV has a unique model number and serial number. However, to find the screen size, you would only need to model number.

Just open the browser and type in the laptop model number along with the manufacturer. You will get the accurate size of the screen written by the product’s concerned manufacturer.

Check out the user manual or back of the laptop:

If you haven’t Inch tape right away. Or access to the internet. So, just flip the laptop and see the back of the laptop.

Usually, the laptop’s screen size is also mentioned along with the model number and serial number at the back of the laptop. 

However, every laptop doesn’t have this.

Moreover, if you have put the laptop’s box somewhere at home. So, you will certainly get a user manual with it. 

Just get the manual, and you will find the size of the laptop screen written on that.

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Bottom Line:

doesn’t it seem awkward to take the measuring tape and find the screen size of your laptop, desktop, or TV? And the easier methods told in this report doesn’t come in our mind usually. 

Therefore, if you next time try to do such things, simply visit our website we have lots of easy tricks and trips, that one seriously require in daily life.


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