How to find the best real estate lawyer in Dubai

Owning a property means you have invested for the future. Many have started realizing it with time and as a result, the real estate sector of Dubai has been booming. The increase in real estate dealing and properties also brings more legalities and even possibilities of disputes, which is why you should know about the real estate lawyers in Dubai. By connecting with real estate lawyers you get a chance to be guided in the right direction. The lawyers can represent stakeholders like tenants, financial institutions, developers, contractors, and even government bodies.

3 Important Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Lawyer

Finding the best real estate lawyer in a city like Dubai is no easy task. You will be confused by the number of options here. You will have to select the ideal lawyer from this vast number of options. Well, let us clear that confusion for you. Here are some of the qualities that should be present in an ideal real estate lawyer.


Real estate dealings needn’t take place at a fixed time. In fact, most buyers take a tour of their potential properties during weekends or off-hours. Therefore, you will have to appoint a lawyer who offers his duty on a full-time basis rather than part-time.

An ideal real estate lawyer should be able to understand the stress and difficulties the client has to go through while managing real estate transactions. So, flexible services should be an option. Your lawyer should show be diligence, promptly respond to calls and emails, prepare a timeline for transactions and even offer evening and weekend meetings, etc.

Reliable Demonstration Skills

Lawyers in Dubai know what they are doing. They have considerable knowledge about the laws in the country. There are no second thoughts there. The lawyers have been trained for years through both formal education and experience as well. The complexity or legalities of cases can be managed very well by a good lawyer. Yet only an excellent lawyer will be able to demonstrate and explain every tiny detail of the case in a transparent way that any simpleton can understand.

Your ideal lawyer should be able to help you uncover even the most sophisticated concepts in a relatable way. As the years pass, changes can also be made to any legal document or contract and the lawyer should explain to the clients every amendment made before he/she signs any particular document. The reliability of the real estate lawyer lies in his willingness to make his/her client understand every legal concept.

Punctuality and Transparency

While meeting up with your real estate lawyer in Dubai, see if he/she reaches the meeting spot on time and check how transparent he/she is. Punctuality and transparency are very important. When it comes to important procedures like submission of documents, registration, etc. your lawyer should be punctual and strictly so. Delays are not welcome at all. Also, if your lawyer is not transparent in the way he works with your transactions, it might result in a lot of confusion and eventually affect the relationship you have with your contractors, tenants, or brokers. So, do check your lawyer’s track record before appointing one.

These were the most important qualities a reliable property lawyer should have. If you want to find the best real estate lawyer in Dubai, then make sure that you look for these qualities in them.

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