How To Find the Complete Guide For Canon MG3600 Setup

Canon is a globally known company that manufactures wide varieties of cameras and other imaging devices. Canon inkjet printers are very famous among home users. It provides a good printing experience at a very good speed. For companies and universities; Canon laser printers are preferable. Canon MG3600 is an advanced inkjet printer. The interface of the printer is very simple. Users can easily set up the printer and then use it easily.

Unboxing Canon printer 

  1. Open the packaging box on your printer
  2. Take out the Canon printer carefully
  3. Check the box for the cartridge, cables, and CD
  4. Now use the power cable and connect the printer to electricity

If the printer power lamp is glowing then the printer is working. Insert the cartridge and then set up the printer with your computer.

Connecting Canon printer to Windows device

Connecting the printer to the PC is very easy. You will get the cable for connection. Use the USB cable for computer-printer connection. Now check the printer for the cartridge. When you are installing the printer; check for the tapes and chips. Remove all the plastic covering from the cartridge. Check for the contact pins on your cartridge. If you see any covering then remove it. Now insert the cartridge into the printer and check for the setup. You can use the CD for setup.

You can also download the setup from the web. Open the Canon site on the web and then search for the driver. Now download the driver on the computer. Install the setup and then restart the computer. Open a document and then press ctrl+P. Check for the available device and tap on your Canon printer. Your Canon printer will print the document. Users can also connect the printer with a Wi-Fi setup directly. 

Canon printer Wi-Fi setup

You can connect the printer to his PC or phone with the Wi-Fi. But before configuring the setup; you have to check the Android version as you can’t connect the printer to every device. Now go to the computer and install the Canon driver.

Many devices have an inbuilt printing driver. If you don’t then you can install a Canon driver. Go to the play store and type for Canon print inkjet on the search menu. Choose Canon print inkjet from the result page and install it. Now open your menu page and go to settings. Turn on the Wi-Fi and then check the printer.

Go to your Canon printer and tap on the menu button. Use the navigation and choose the Wi-Fi settings option. Go to the connection and choose your printer. The same printer name will be used while searching the printer. Users can also edit the name of their printer.

Again use arrow keys and select the Direct connection option. You will see the printer name and password. You can change the printer’s password. Open the Wi-Fi settings on the phone and now you will see the printer’s name. Type the password for the connection. Go to the Canon app on the phone and then register your printer. Now open the document to print.

Tick the item and follow instructions. Your phone will start searching for the printer. If the phone is not connected to the Canon printer correctly then you have to go for a Canon printer reset. Open your setup option and then choose the reset option. Press the confirm button and the printer setting will get reset. Now configure your printer again for the connection. 

Canon printer network connection

When the user wants to use the printer on numerous devices then he can add the printer directly to the network. Adding the printer to the network will share it among the devices connected to the same network. Choose the Wireless LAN setup connection and then hit the Cableless setup option. The printer will search for the network. Your router WPS pin must be enabled for the connection. Choose the network for the connection. Now the user has to install the driver on the PCs or phone which are connected to the same network. Once you have the driver then you can connect to the printer; type the password and take the printouts easily.

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