How to find vehicle owner information by number plate in India

I remember those days whenever something bad would happen as vehicle theft or vehicle got completely burned. The police officer will call the RTO office to get the details of the vehicle owner by the number plate. In this digital era, everything is coming on the tip of your thumb. Just a few taps and your information are in your hands.

I started searching about this when I witnessed an accident where the car driver did not stop and ran away. I was able to note down the cars registration number and then after little research, I was able to find a way to know the car’s owner information a bit.

Check vehicle owner information by number plate

There are many apps on the PlayStore which provides vehicle’s owner information but all had some issues or lack of data. We were able to find one app which is the best in its category and produced accurate results every time we tested. It directly fetches the data from the RTO database.

We will be using the RTO Vehicle Registration app to achieve our goal. Download the app from RTO Vehicle Information.


Install the app and open it. There you will see three options:

  1. RC SEARCH by number plate – Enter the vehicle registration number to get the owner’s detail.
  2. OWNER NAME gets vehicle detail – Enter owner’s name and get vehicle details.

Now choose the option accordingly and enter the details and in a couple of seconds, the information will be on your screen. The details you will be getting are:

  • Owner name
  • Number of owners
  • Maker + Model
  • Insurance Upto
  • Engine Capacity
  • Fuel type
  • Registration date
  • Registration authority
  • Eng/CHS number
  • Colour

 That’s it for “How to find vehicle owner information by number plate” and this app will surely help you in some emergency. If you loved the article do share it with your friends and educate them too about this app and its features. Enjoy!

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