How to gain CCNA skills in Bangalore to get a job?

CCNA is not a small scale certification or validates common skills, it’s huge and holds a great position in the IT industry. Therefore, CCNA is not just about Bangalore, but it is demanded and pursued worldwide for career start and development.

What are the skills related to CCNA?

It is important to first understand what are the skills delivered or validated with the CCNA certification. Since it is not the tag that benefits the individual, but the skills and techniques one develops during the whole process of qualifying for the CCNA certification examination.

Following are some of the skills acquired and validated during the preparation:

  • Creating different network topologies interact to form a secure IT network.
  • Using and managing with IP addressing and IP services according to the need of the network.
  • An in-depth idea of Network Address Translation (NAT) and Access Control Lists (ACLs) in branch networks.
  • Check over Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) administration.
  • Installation of WAN for connectivity.
  • Identification of Network Security threats and securing the network through different methods.
  • Configuration, verification, and troubleshooting through VLAN & Interswitch communication.
  • Troubleshooting of client- and router-based DHCP connectivity problems.
  • Verify ACLs using the APIC-EM Path Trace ACL Analysis tools.

The skills are way more than what has been mentioned. The CCNA certified professional carries a lot of responsibility and accountability related to network operations, security and maintenance.

The skills mentioned above aren’t that easy to be done on complex products and services offered by Cisco. These skills help the individuals to develop and grow as an asset for the organization and make the way clear to get entry into the industry.

What jobs can be offered to a CCNA certified professional?

When you have added the title of CCNA certified to your resume, you have added a lot more value to it. The skills acquired during the CCNA training are validated by the CCNA certification, this is clear till now. But the question is, Why to do so much hard work for it? What will be the result of it?

Besides all those perks that any technical certification offers, the CCNA training and certification opens the door for many great opportunities in the form of highly reputed and paid jobs.

There would be no conflicts to say, Cisco rules the IT sector in terms of products related to networking software and hardware. Cisco products and services are used globally at a very large scale, leading to the need for professionals to manage the products without any fail.

CCNA certified professional can be offered the following job roles worldwide with ease:-

  • Network security specialist
  • Network Associate
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Network Support Engineers
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • System engineer
  • Network Technician

The list may go beyond this, as with the changes and updates in the products and services, a new responsibility may develop leading to new job roles.

What are the sources to get the Skills & CCNA training in Bangalore?

Since the last major update- when all the subdomains of CCNA were collapsed and the new CCNA was introduced- the learning process for CCNA certification has changed a lot.

From syllabus to the exam format including the recommended knowledge, all came up with the need for new plans and strategy to prepare.

Moving ahead, if you are planning to prepare or appear in the CCNA certification exam, then there are majorly and broadly two ways one can choose from.

The aspirant may go with Self Planned preparation or can take professional help through institutes providing the CCNA training in Bangalore.

Where self-study and preparation requires a lot more dedication and some investments to study materials. On the other hand, a training institute requires a good amount of investment but delivers a systematic course by experienced instructors.

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