How to get a peaceful sleep with yoga asana?

A full night’s sleep is as important as a balanced and nutritious meal. But it is a little difficult to get better sleep in this run-away life. Due to which our body is not able to get complete rest and then we feel tired throughout the day. Because of which our day job travels. Not only this, if you do not sleep well, it also causes many diseases.

If you get enough sleep, it helps you eat less, stay healthy, and stay away from stress. If you want to get better sleep then you can take the support of yoga which gives you natural sleep. So today we are telling you some yoga for sleep, with the help of which you can sleep well and deeply.

Yoga for peaceful and deep sleep

By doing yoga, you can get good sleep at night, which has a positive effect on you. Doing yoga increases your ability to do physical work and also reduces your stress. If you do not sleep at night, then we are telling you some asanas, which helps you by doing it regularly.

1. Balasana for peaceful sleep

Balasana Yoga provides mental peace by reducing stress. Which helps in getting good sleep. Our nervous system improves with this posture. Apart from this, this asana cures back pain and also helps in reducing mental fatigue and it is also very easy to do this asana.

To do Balasana yoga:

  1. First lay a yoga mat on the ground.


  1. Now sit on it in the state of Balasan or on the knees.


  1. Now slowly bring your head forward and touch the ground. 


  1. Place both your hands on the floor straight towards the front.


  1. Now stay in this state for at least 2 to 3 minutes.


  1. Now slowly return to your normal state.


2. Uttanasana for peaceful sleep

If you want to sleep well and deep in the night, then you should do Uttanasana Yoga. By doing this yoga your stress is reduced, it also improves your blood flow by correcting the nervous system of your body. Which gives you a good sleep.

To do Uttanasana yoga

  1. To do this yoga, spread a yoga mat and stand upright on it.
  2. Now keep your feet close together and straighten both hands upwards.
  3. Now slowly bend from the waist to front.
  4. Now try to hold the toes with both hands.
  5. In this posture you try to stay for 60 to 90 seconds.
  6. Now slowly return to your normal position.


3. Vipreeta Karani yoga for peaceful sleep- 

Doing Vipreeta Karani yoga gives your body a rest, which helps you to get a deep sleep. It reduces fatigue and stress throughout your day. It also reduces blood pressure and by doing this asana, the problem of not sleeping can also be overcome. Therefore, if you do not sleep well then this yoga is very useful for you.


To do Vipreeta Karani yoga


  1. To do this asana, first spread a yoga mat and lie down on the wall facing it.


  1. Now put both your legs above the wall. And let your back at rest on the ground.


  1. In this state a 90-degree angle should be made on your body.


  1. Let both your hands remain on the floor.


  1. If possible, remain in this state for 5 to 15 minutes.


4. Buddha Konasana yoga for peaceful sleep-  


  1. For this, spread the mat and sit on it with both legs straight.


  1. Now while breathing in, bend your left leg inward.


  1. Then bend the right leg towards you.


  1. Now mix the paws of both the feet together and also join the toes of both the feet.


  1. Now press the knee with both hands so that it can touch the floor.


  1. Also take care that does not force the knees to touch the floor.


  1. Now stay in this posture for 2 to 3 minutes.


5. Marjarasana yoga for peaceful sleep- 


Marjarasan yoga is also known as cat pose. This yoga is very beneficial for people who have problems in falling asleep. This also strengthens your spine. And blood flow also increases. Therefore, this yoga is very useful for better sleep. You can also know more about meditation by joining 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

To do Marjarasan yoga


  1. First of all, sit on your knees by laying a yoga mat.


  1. Now place the palms of your hands on the ground.


  1. Then lift your body upwards.


  1. Now take your breath in, turn your head backward, and your little upwards.


  1. Now while exhaling, lower your head and try to touch the chin with your chest.


  1. Now do this asana at least 5 to 6 times. This pose is also useful for reducing the stomach after delivery.

6. Janu Sirsasana yoga for peaceful sleep- 

This asana helps to calm your brain. Along with this, it also helps to overcome problems like anxiety, fatigue, menstruation, headache, and sleeplessness. This helps strengthen your spine. So those whom it bothers, Yes, they must do this yoga.


To do Janushirasasana Yoga


  1. Place a yoga mat on an open area and sit on it.


  1. Now straighten both the legs towards the front.


  1. And bend your right leg and place it on the left leg thigh.


  1. Now straighten both your hands upwards.


  1. Now tilt your entire body down towards the left leg. And grab the left leg claw.


  1. Now place your head on the knee of the left leg.


  1. Then stay in this posture 5 to 10 times.


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