How To Get WiFi Without An Internet Service Provider

According to a rough estimate, the US citizen spends almost $65 per month over internet services. Obviously, this amount varies according to the service or connection type. That is a big chunk of the amount, and now in this desperate time of Covid, it seems unaffordable for many households and users.

Should you just stop utilising the internet? But think if you made up your mind on doing so how you will go to survive the day with the thing that has become the basic necessity of our lives? You and I both know the answer that it is ridiculous to even think of cutting the internet for daily tasks.

Must be looking for a middle ground for this problem? The technology advancement has also paved the path for you to discover the chances of using Wifi without any internet service provider. By following these, you will be able to access the internet without any dependency over the phone or cable.

Yes, you’ve read that very right. Getting internet or wifi from an internet service provider is no longer a mission impossible. But how’s that possible? Let’s go through some basic steps first.


Well, it would be comical if we ask someone that they know about the internet? In this modern era, everyone is familiar with the internet. However, there is a set of individuals who still doesn’t get a hold of the internet.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is also known as the web that serves the main purpose of retrieving information over the internet. This is the main tool from where a user gets the information documents or any other information.

Internet Service Provider

Well as of now if you don’t know Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the common name given to the company which provides the internet facility to its customers. It would not be wrong in saying that ISP is a kind of a gateway to the internet. It helps your computer and server get connected.

How To Get Wi-Fi Without An ISP?

Well, let’s focus on the ways on how you can get the best tv internet bundles any Internet Service Provider?

Mobile Hotspot

Well unlike any other Wifi hotspots like routers where you have to be limited to a certain physical location, mobile hotspots can provide you with the chance to connect to the internet with their device hotspot. You will be connected to the internet as long as your device supports the hotspot and an active cellular data plan. 

The mobile hotspot feature on the device will act as Wifi, and you can easily get connected to the outer world with a mobile hotspot.

If you choose this option, then there is only a one-time investment in the device that too only in the case if you don’t own one in the previous time. And also you will have to get a cellular data plan. One major benefit of this option is that you will be able to get an internet deal that will lower your monthly package from a wireless or a wired internet provider.

If you have an unlimited data plan, then it is like a cherry on top of the butter. You can use the internet at any device without being stressed about the exceeding of data limits. Still, you have a limited data plan; then it is advised to keep an eye on the data usage and be cautious.


Commonly tethering is a look-alike of mobile hotspots and you can use the internet using your mobile device as a modem. The only thing which spares tethering from your mobile hotspots is just that you use a USB cable in order to connect any other device with your mobile device.

There is one drawback of using the tethering is that it has some limitations far more as compared to mobile hotspots. If you don’t want to use our laptop daily though it is a feasible choice, otherwise it is not as feasible as it should be.

Public WiFi

Just imagine, living in a city where you can get the internet connection for free in public. Barcelona, Perth, Moscow, New York, Seoul are some of the best examples for this. In most of the cases, the internet is being offered for a large range of areas, but in some cities, it is restricted to a specific area.

In the US, most people still prefer to use the internet from an internet service provider. As the people are concerned about their privacy, using any free or public internet can increase the chances of getting their privacy breached. That is the reason why US citizens prefer to take the tv internet deals for their daily tasks.

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