How To Give A Super-Relaxing and Sensual Massage?

Do you feel like a completely new person after going to a nice relaxing massage at the massage parlor? But do you wanna give that same relaxing experience to your partner who has been stressed all week?

Or maybe it’s your spouse’s birthday and you want to surprise them with a steamy, sensual, and relaxing massage.

If you are clueless about how to give a nice massage, we present to you some pointers to give your partner a super sensual and relaxing massage.  

Read on to know more!

Getting the right atmosphere

Think of your last professional massage simply for a second. The environment was clutter-free and you probably could see a mild but pleasant smell in the room as you entered, right?

Often, you might hear pleasant spa music in the background, even if you only checked in to your receptionist appointment. If you need any assistance for tantric London, do let us know.

Even in the reception area, lighting in many spa areas is not especially brilliant. However, the room in which the message is carried out frequently has ambient light, pleasant aromas, and a hospitable environment.

In other words, before you even see the massage therapist for the first time, you automatically begin to relax.

Even if you give her a massage at home, you still want some time (if you have it) in the room where you will do the massage, to create a Zen-like mood.

Pre-massage setup does not have to take long, nor does it have to be expensive (typically only minutes). However, the preparation time should reflect the careful interest a spa owner would take to set the right ambiance.

It’s not a terrible idea to take a nice, warm bath for your partner if you want to have some extra time to prepare your room, helping their muscles relax, and prepare yourself for this peaceful session.

Putting on the right Music

There are a lot of YouTube channels that offer the perfect instrumental and soothing music to create a spa ambiance. These videos may last for around 1 to 6 hours

Getting the Correct Lighting

With dim light in the room, the atmosphere is pleasant, cozy, and ethereal. Arranging numerous dimly lit candles around the area gives the room sufficient light. Aromatherapy lights are also a good method of setting the mood in the room because the sense of smell is indeed the strongest sense we have. 

Room Fragrances / Aromatherapy

Researchers have shown that the emotion-controlling part of our brains known as the deep limbic area is associated directly with an olfactory response.

Various odors therefore have a strong influence on the mood of a person, and particularly fragrances that trigger memories depending on the associations that have been connected over time.

The notion that essential oils have a pharmacological impact is based on this information as a basis, and you can use this to your advantage. 

Room Temperature

Remember that the shirt of your guy is removed during the massage, so it must be comfortable for him to remain in the room. A heated sheet or flannel sheet (straight from the dryer) will frequently assist to keep him relaxed while the massage is going on.

Giving a sensual massage. 

While we cannot stress enough how essential non-sexual touches are, whether you get them from a massage therapist or provide them to your partner, sometimes romantic massage is all you need.

You probably want to stay as near to your partner as possible during the whole massage, which may lead to foreplay.  

Also, a complete body massage may be required to spark the love. For some suggestions on how to treat your partner sexually, seriously remember sitting on their fingers while massaging their shoulder tension and lower back. 

This just enhances your physical touch and leads to more intimate sentiments.

The inner thigh is a very erogenous zone,  therefore you may urge your partner to flip over after massaging their back muscles, and rub the inner thigh while lying on the back, and the region is quite sensitive, so be careful!

The area from your abdomen to your genitalia is very erogenous; make sure to massage this region carefully for a couple of minutes. The tip of his penis (called the glans area) is very sensitive and very responsive. This is also how the crane meets his shaft. 

You’ll want to massage those places carefully and you won’t have to exert much pressure if you want to go into the erogenous zone rapidly.

An erotic massage for a person is frequently referred to as a happy massage and both parties will enjoy it.
A lingam massage is a similar kind of massage that emphasizes sexual force and energy.


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