How to Have a Family Movie Night in Your Backyard

Going to the movie theater is always fun for your family and loved ones. Some communities even still have local drive-in movie screenings. However, planning your movie night in your backyard can prove to be just as, if not more, enjoyable.

Below are some things that will make movie night in the backyard a fun and memorable experience for you and your family.

Get a Projector and a Screen

Setting up a home-based theater under the night sky requires some planning and money. High-quality and high-functioning projectors cost more than a few movie tickets. However, once you purchase the projector, it’s a great investment, as you can use the projector for many years of outdoor movie entertainment. The screen and projector are two must-haves for quality viewership. Also, good cables, like d-subminiature cables, that connect the projector to the mainframe computer are essential.

When choosing a quality projector, the first variable to consider is sufficient throw distance or lumens. The lumens refer to the space and brightness between the screen and the seats. Another critical factor is looking for a projector with a high resolution, ideally a 4K with 1080p resolution. Keystone correction is also an important feature that refers to the image level remaining intact even when projecting on grass. Also, you can consider wireless projector options that can help you stream movies directly from your mobile phone.

Get a Quality Wrinkle-Free Movie Screen for Outdoors

Projecting your movie on the garage wall or a hung sheet in the yard might seem like a great hack. But getting a quality movie screen for outdoors can turn your backyard into a drive-in theater. An excellent quality screen has features like wrinkle-free viewership. Most wrinkle-free screens are also dew resistant and easy to clean, which is super convenient.

Get Some Good Outdoor Speakers

Excellent sound quality is also essential. Separate the speakers to balance sound and to create a close-to-authentic movie theater experience. You can also create an outdoor movie set-up to access the same Bluetooth headphones that your smartphone uses. Just be considerate of your neighbors and ensure that the audio is not playing loud enough to be a nuisance.

Get Some Headphones to Keep the Noise Away

The AirPods or wireless Bluetooth earbuds are a revolutionary tool In the entertainment accessory section. For a quiet movie experience, you may want to sync your outdoor audio system with your earbuds. Earbuds and headphones with noise-cancellation technology will remove all background noises, and you will be able to better focus on the movie you are watching. If you plan on getting headphones, you may want to get some Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones currently in the market offer a variety of upgrades from standard headphones, like noise cancellation, cool color and design options, and smart device compatibility.

Get Some Bug and Insect Repellant

Being outside means potentially coming into contact with creepy crawly bugs and annoying mosquitoes. To keep these fellows from ruining your movie night, buy some good non-toxic insect repellant. You can also spray the yard ahead of the movie night to ensure that there are no bugs and insects around.

Get a Lawn Blanket

If you’re watching a movie in the backyard, you need something to sit on. Also, the night weather might be a little chilly or cool sometimes, and you may need a blanket for warmth. Therefore, an excellent outdoor blanket can be essential to the backyard movie-viewing experience. Thick throw blankets with waterproof features may be the best option for the occasion.

Get Some Portable Lounge Chairs

If you really want a full movie night experience in the backyard, you might consider getting some portable yet comfortable chairs. You can get comfy moon chairs or camping chairs or even bean bags for a comfortable movie-viewing experience. Just to be sure to store the chairs in a place that is free of dirt, debris, bugs, and weather conditions when they’re not in use.

Get Some Good Snacks

No movie night or movie theater experience is complete without some good snacks. Serve and eat snacks like buttered popcorn, nachos, pizza, and candy. You can also have some food options that aren’t typically offered in traditional movie theaters like barbecue, pasta, and cake.


Having a movie night with your family is always fun, but having a movie night outside can be even more fun! Follow the above tips to create a memorable movie night for you and your family.

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