How to Keep Public Parks and Playgrounds Clean

Adults are meant to spend an average of 120 minutes outdoors each week. But how many of us can say that we actually spend that amount of time walking around outside and enjoying the fresh air? In order to encourage community members to venture outside and take a break from their computer screens, it’s important for urban developers to design their public spaces as attractive and accessible as possible. In this way, they can keep their community members healthy, and provide them with the perfect place to escape from their cramped up, indoor lifestyles.

Of course, part of keeping public spaces attractive is keeping them clean. For that reason, we’ve provided several tips on how to achieve this for parks and playground areas:


Place Rubbish Bins Around

Placing rubbish bins in your park might seem like the most obvious way to keep it clean. However, in order to encourage responsible waste disposal, you have to do more than just put in a few rubbish bins. You also have to make sure that they’re easy to spot and access. The more convenient it is for community members to access your rubbish bins, the less likely they’ll be to simply dump their litter on the ground.


Install Wheelie Bin Enclosures 

Installing wheelie bin enclosures can help to keep parks and other public spaces clean in a number of different ways. For one, they help to make the location of rubbish bins more noticeable towards community members. Keep in mind that there are a wide range of colours, styles and designs available out there when it comes to getting wheelie bin enclosures. Most street furniture designers can even offer you a customised design, so that your wheelie bin enclosures will blend more seamlessly into your public space. You can customise your wheelie bin enclosures with bold colours or graphics to make them more appealing and more noticeable. Aside from making them stand out, wheelie bin enclosures can also protect your bins from bin raiders and extreme weather conditions.


Educate the Community

If you want to keep your public space clean, you should take steps to educate your community about not only the benefits of responsible waste disposal, but also the consequences of littering. Signs that remind community members about littering fines, along with its effects upon the environment, can help to point some visitors to your park in the right direction. 


Install Park Shelters 

Park shelters are essential in public spaces because they provide your community members with shelter in undesirable weather conditions. With these integral structures installed, it’s easy to encourage all-weather enjoyment of your public space, all year round. However, park shelters are also useful for protecting other structures in your park against the harsh elements and weather conditions. For instance, by installing one over your park’s playground area, you can shield it from leaves, bird droppings and other dirt and debris that may fall from towering trees. Moreover, you can protect your playground from the rain and sun, which will also help to prevent rust and fading. This will preserve your playground for longer and consequently, give it a much cleaner appearance.  


Maintain the Lawn and Greenery

Overgrown grass, trees and plants can make parks and public spaces look unkempt and abandoned. When the plants die, there will also be a lot more debris to clean up, which can also prove as a tripping hazard. Naturally, maintaining the lawn and greenery in your park is essential for keeping it looking clean and looked after. In this way, community members will be able to enjoy your public space without worry about falling over and causing themselves an injury.

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