How to Keep your Deals Going in a Remote Working Arrangement


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, with most of them having gone remote. But this shift was only the beginning of a new trend as many companies chose to continue with the model even as lockdown restrictions were lifted. A survey by Enterprise Technology Research stated that the percentage of people working from home permanently is expected to double in 2021.

Even as statistics look so favourable for remote working, the challenges are bigger than you’d imagine, particularly if you run a customer-focused business. In fact, things can be even more daunting if you operate in the B2B domain as closing enterprise deals without meeting decision-makers in person is a totally new terrain. However, even though there’s no magic formula to success, you can embrace some effective strategies to ace virtual selling.

A majority of companies agreed that while business calls came to their rescue, they aren’t enough to keep the deals flowing in the new normal. You need to think out-of-the-box to drive customer engagement and build enough trust for them to come back for repeat purchases.

Since the remote work model will be around for some time, it makes sense to enhance your ability to close deals successfully on virtual platforms. Here are some actionable strategies that can help:

Start with extensive research

While our goal is to determine how to handle business calls remotely, extensive research about your potential customers is the best place to start. This is all the more integral if you are dealing with enterprise prospects in the B2B landscape. You need to find out who the primary decision makers are and seek their inputs on the solution they require.

Clarity gets you on the right track as it enables you to create a meaningful and contextual sales pitch and align your product or service to match consumer expectations. Even a slight tweak in your message can make it more effective for your remote deal, so, in-depth research at this stage is a worthy investment.

Invest in the right tools

When it comes to achieving success with remote working, nothing matters more than having the right set of tools in place. That said, there is a long list of tools to assess. So, it is vital to differentiate between must-have and good-to-have applications, especially when you have budget constraints. Moreover, having too many applications can cause clutter and confusion for your team.

Sales-focused businesses can perform their best with cloud communication solutions that fortify both internal and external communications.

Here is a checklist of tools you can rely on to keep deals and sales churning even as your team operates remotely:

  • Your sales team no longer has access to office phones. So, empowering them with virtual call centre solutions is a good idea. You can ensure round-the-clock availability with a business phone number to facilitate seamless flow of information between the parties involved.
  • A CRM tool also gets your sales representatives on the right track since they can understand the leads better and personalise conversations accordingly. It offers context on every prospect and customer which enables the entire team to be on the same page even while working from different locations.
  • A cloud-based collaboration tool should be next on your wishlist if you want your remote team to give their best. The application enables them to share information and insights with their colleagues. If one agent has to attend a business call with a valuable client at some point, they will have access to detailed interaction history.
  • Video conferencing tools play a key role in closing deals as video calls add credibility to interactions. Moreover, agents can leverage them to discuss and show detailed road maps, answer questions, and provide clarity on important topics to both clients and team members.
  • Chat tools play a significant role as they facilitate internal and external communication by ensuring that threads are not lost during discussions. You can pick one with an inbuilt caller which makes it easy to call and connect when messaging does not seem to get through.

Encourage skill enablement for the new normal

Having the right tools and technologies for remote collaboration and communication is only half the work done. You need to encourage skill enablement in employees so that they are prepared for the challenges and needs of the new normal.

Train them so that they can make the best use of the latest tools. This will provide all the confidence they need to capture leads and close deals for the business. Upskill them according to the trends and empower them with all the resources they need to stay a step ahead of caller expectations. This also motivates them to do their best with remote working.

Prioritise quality accounts

Prospecting gets tough when you work remotely as you cannot connect physically with potential leads. Even communication slows down when there’s no one at the office to attend to calls, and people are caught up with personal problems and distractions at home. Thus, it is best to work on the quality accounts you have in hand rather than look for new ones.

These accounts are most likely to provide repeat business at this stage because customers prefer to collaborate with organisations they already trust during such an uncertain phase. Focusing on customer engagement is the key to boosting retention during a crisis.

Consolidate virtual relationships

Whether you acquire new deals or retain old customers, consolidating virtual relationships is the only way to sustain during the remote working era. You cannot expect people to stick around and do business with your company unless they trust you. And that is possible only by going the extra mile with virtual appearances.

Being visual with video calls helps, though you must ensure that your team looks professional when people see them even as they work from home. Empathy during business calls is vital to winning trust and credibility, so the human touch is as valuable as the right technology.

Keep track of agent performance

You may have the best cloud communication solutions and CRM tools in place, but it will not work unless your remote agents give their best. It is crucial to keep track of their performance at every stage so you can identify the gaps and address them with training and skill development. The arrangement will be around for the long haul, and consistent tracking keeps everyone going in the right direction. 

A solution that offers features such as call monitoring and barging is a smart investment. It lets sales managers keep a check on team members. They can even correct agents in real-time if they go wrong while interacting with the prospects.


As remote enterprise deals become integral for businesses in the new normal, you need to gear up your sales team to pick and close leads quickly and successfully. Implementing the right tools and technologies is the first thing you need to do.

A full-featured cloud communication solution gets you on track as it empowers the team for internal collaboration and external communication with prospects.

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Vanita Arora is a marketing enthusiast associated with Servetel, a prominent cloud telephony service provider. Being greatly in love with music & travelling, she has always been fascinated with technology.

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