How to Kick Out Boredom at Work

How to Kick Out Boredom at Work

As we are working in a design agency or whatsoever, sitting the whole day, staring at the monitor—aside from hurting our eyes—could make us get bored quickly. Then, when boring starts, our working performance will decrease. So, what will happen when having a bad performance at work? Our projects will drop to the rock bottom, get rough deadlines, and other millions of bad things could happen because of one thing; boredom at work.

To overcome it, people commonly do things like checking on social media or watching funny videos. Those things may work well—we will instantly not get bored—but there is another consequence; our eyes might be tired!

So, why not try to do other simple things? Simple things that can boost our working performance while getting bored, and of course, without keeping staring at the monitor!

Avoid Boredom at Work 1: Doodling with eyes closed

Grab some papers around you, close your eyes, and start to draw things in your mind. When you have finished, does it look like how you imagine it? The ‘scribbly’ result will make us laugh, and our boredom can eventually fly away. Plus, we can ask our workmate to do it too and see whose drawing is the best. Not only do away with our boredom at work, but we also can cheer up our co-workers. Let’s do it now.

Avoid Boredom at Work 2: Making a cup of coffee or other warm drinks

If we begin to yawn while working, go to the office’s kitchen and make a cup of coffee or other warm drinks. Process of making coffee will make us focus and concentrate again by putting our working projects aside for a while. After returning to our seat, its smell and warmness of the coffee can refresh our mind.

Avoid Boredom at Work 3: Listening to our favorite music

The easiest thing to do while bored is listening to music. Listen and enjoy two or three songs. Aside from increasing our mood, listening to music can relax our mind as well. Don’t forget to bring an earphone or headset, so our music doesn’t disturb our neighbor.

Avoid Boredom at Work 4: Rearranging our desk

Look at your desk now, does it become so messy? Admit it, and sometimes we are too lazy to tidy up our desk. We can’t do our work with a messy desk. So, while we are struggling with our boredom, try to tidy up our desk first. Seeing a tidy and clean desk will increase our mood to work.

Avoid Boredom at Work 5: Chatting with someone

Observe the people around us. Look at one of our workmates. Does he or she look tired? If they do, ask them to talk about exciting things or current issues. Perhaps, ask him or her to call their family or close friends. Catching up with friends or family will increase our motivation and also get rid of our boredom at work.

Avoid Boredom at Work 6: Chilling out with daydream

We often get bored quickly at work by doing the same things again and again. We feel that our task seems unchallenging. It is okay to feel like this because it is only a temporary problem, and we may find some new and easy solutions to this old problem. Firstly, we can lean back, look up at the ceiling, daydream for a minute, and go away from reality to find creative thoughts. Those things are such a self-reflection to appreciate our boredom at the office. In the end, we can restore our productivity by allowing our mind to refresh.

Avoid Boredom at Work 7: Educating yourself through a podcast or TED Talk

There are hundreds of free resources for self-improvement with many outstanding people from around the world. Take the benefits from them! How do we start with it? Why don’t we listen to the insightful podcasts related to our interest by subscribing to them from Spotify, for instance? On top of that, TED Talk can be our other options to open this mind in the worlds of science, technology, self-improvement, entertainment, and way more.

Avoid Boredom at Work 8: Writing a journal or a short story

Train ourselves to write down a journal in a secret book as a meditation. We can make a 30-days-writing challenge by determining the specific topic based on interest. Besides making a self journal, making a short story to improve our imaginative skill is also an excellent option to kick out boredom at work. 

Avoid Boredom at Work 9: Applying a freelance job

If you find our task seems unchallenging, then better for us to find a remote job to train our skill and experience. Make our day busier than ever so that we can let our boredom go, and we become more productive. By working productively, we can boost our energy significantly.

Avoid Boredom at Work 10: Focusing on personal development instead of working hard

To create happy employees, what our company culture must require is to boost the levels of engagement, communication, connection, and acknowledgement within the company. According to Mike Fabbri, Senior Lead of Agent Development at Compass said that “the holistic approach is an outcome which bolsters productivity and retention to bring happiness to employees.” Besides, giving the employee the freedom by broadening their interest can boost the motivation rather than pushing with a must-have task.

Avoid Boredom at Work 11: Giving us a break to do desk exercises

Sitting for long periods can lead us to get small until serious illness. This problem doesn’t only affect our body but also can influence our work performance. For the solution, we can do midday exercising like doing a 15-minute workout like stretching at our desk. Besides the health aspect, it also improves our productivity by allowing us to refresh our mind.

Avoid Boredom at Work 12: Becoming our own cheer

In the end, the one who can support us is just ourselves when no one cares about our problem. People are only human, and so are you. We all have our problem to deal with. So, it is a big responsibility for us to be our support system, not our family and friends. Take our time to review our value and strong points so that we can restore our confidence and keep making progress.

Reflective Thought

Don’t see boredom at an office as a burden, and don’t let ourselves feel guilty about this feeling. It is a natural feeling that we must overcome before ruining our career. Suppose we see our boredom as an opportunity to do something great or improve ourselves. In that case, it will be a very great thing for us to make progress in our profession. Practice those 12 pieces of advice and put our boredom to use wisely. To end this, are there any tips to overcome boredom at work?

This article is written by Ulfah, a content and copywriter and is currently working for RRGraphDesign. Find her on LinkedIn.

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