How to Learn Computer Science Basics at Home

The advancements of technology in the present world require you to be up to date with some basics of algorithms, leading to the need to study computer science. There are various ways you can learn the basics of computer science in the comfort of your home. If you do not wish to spend time going to class, the following are five ways you can learn computer science basics at home.

Code Camps

Code boot camps are a great way to learn the basics of computer science. The majority of the code camps are free, which means that you will acquire the necessary knowledge from experienced personnel without spending a dime. The majority of the code camps have online resources such as books and assignments, which would help you improve your basic computer science knowledge.


Code camps integrate videos, articles, and coding lessons which might involve online programming IDE during the classes. The practical sessions will help you understand what you are dealing with. A code camp will help you improve your computer science skills a great deal, and when it comes time for you to further your studies, you will take a degree course like fish to water.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a variety of tutorial sessions for the basics of computer science. Their courses are free and easily accessible. You can learn programming languages such as Java, PHP, and intro to python programming.


Khan Academy has professionals who will equip you with a basic understanding of computer science and with problem-solving skills in the field. You can gain access to various computer science topics from their website and start learning. The courses involve practical sessions and questions that will help you to improve your skill and evaluate your progress.


Online courses such as Udemy will help you learn the basics of computer science while at home during your free time. For you to enroll in Udemy computer science basics class, you will need to sign up if you have not already created a student account with them and search for the course that has the best rates, then enroll. Udemy courses have many trusted professionals who will help and guide you through the course.


The advantage of enrolling in Udemy online courses is that you will be awarded a certificate at the course. The certificate can be used when applying for a job post requiring a computer science certificate. Udemy courses incorporate notes and assignments, which help the learner solve challenges and improve their skills. You will be required to complete an assessment at the end of the course to help evaluate the knowledge you have gained. The courses are pre-recorded, which means you can always revisit a lecture if you do not understand.


Coursera is an effective online platform where you can access classes from different universities on the website while at home, provided you have a reliable internet connection. Coursera offers a seven-day free trial for its students. They have a variety of university-backed online courses from well-known universities worldwide.


Coursera uses a simple site to use, and you can navigate easily to your courses, course work, and assignments. You can enroll in various computer science courses from different universities, and at the end of the courses, you will be awarded a certificate. You will receive grades from the professors and feedback in case you have questions on time.


edX is an open online platform where you can enroll in basic computer science classes from trusted professionals. edX offers courses from top schools such as Harvard, which are university level. The courses are tailored to equip the learner with theoretical and practical skills in the field they would like to learn. Some of the courses are free, which makes it an interesting platform for you to use.


At the end of your edX course, you will be given a verified certificate at a fee. The courses are available at an affordable price, and they are designed to add value to you by increasing your marketability in the employment market. Furthermore, you will access the courses during your free time.


With the help of free and paid online courses, you can learn the basics of computer science at home. You can enroll in free code camps and khan academy if you wish to learn for free. Free articles and videos from YouTube can also be of help to you.

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