How To Make Beads Bracelets With Double Strand Magnetic Clasps?

Double Strand magnetic clasps are made in a style which can give our bracelets or necklaces a beautiful layered look. It has two loops which facilitate us to create safe and secured double layered bracelets. If you are looking for a safest clasp for your jewellery design, you can always opt for double or multi layered magnetic clasps.

To begin with bracelet making, we need to gather all the required materials, which are as follows:

18 Cube and 16 Round Beads of your choice
4 Crimping Beads
1 Double Strand Magnetic Clasps
Long Nose and Round Nose Pliers
Scissor or Cutter
Beading Wire
Step 1: Cut out two equal sizes of wire as we are going to make double strand Leather cord bracelets (per the measurement of your wrist). Keep in mind that we are also going to use magnetic clasp in this bracelet, therefore it is always advisable to keep an inch extra of wire so that we do not face any issue of shortage of wire while attaching the clasps.

Step 2: Start connecting the wire with one part of the magnetic clasps after putting a crimping bead inside it. Put the wire through the loop of clasps, after that push the crimping bead through the wire, then with the help of a long nose pliers crimp the crimping bead well. Cut the extra wire and secure it tightly with the help of the pliers.

Step 3: In this step, we are going to start stringing the beads one by one, just like a series of one cube beads and then one round bead, or you can be creative with the pattern you want it to be.

Step 4: Once we have completed with the stringing of the beads we will have to attach the end part of the string to the other part of the clasps by putting the crimping bead in the wire and passing it through the loop of the clasps then through the crimping bead. With long nose pliers pull the wire as tight as it fits your wrist without leaving a gap in between the beads and the clasps and join the wire properly by pressing it with the help of pliers. Cut the extra wire. Make sure to adjust the string with the pliers properly so that the cord is not visible in the joining portion of crimp with the clasps.

Step 5: Now, take another wire and by following the similar methods as it is described in the step 1, step 2, Step 3 and step 4, we are going to fasten the next thread of beads to the other loop of this magnetic clasps.

With this final step, we have completed creating the entire new double layered beads bracelets with magnetic clasps from the scratch. Hope it was fun! If you have enjoyed reading this blog please visit our website and grab all the materials required for this project and be creative.

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