How To Make Your Practo Clone App A Success!

The first telemedicine call ever made is also coincidentally the first call ever made. Alexander Graham Bell made the first call to request medical help in 1876. So, telemedicine is not as recent a trend as one would imagine. Only the different ways in which telemedicine can be accessed has changed.  In today’s world, with the current circumstances, healthcare apps are the lifeblood of those who cannot (or rather must not) visit hospitals. As much as things are improving all around, apps like Practo, Doctor on Demand, and Lemon aid are catering to the needs of those who are hesitant to leave the safety of their homes. 

Therefore, the need for healthcare apps is evident. It is prudent to invest in an app like Practo and offer users a platform through which medical help can be accessed easily and at the same time witness stunning ROI. Let’s briefly look at some stats/attitudes around telemedicine.

  • More than 1 half of all US hospitals have a telehealth program.
  • Telemedicine makes up around 1/4th of the healthcare-related technology market. 
  • 84% of healthcare executives say telemedicine is vital for their organization
  • Nearly 75% of all doctors, urgent care, and ER visits “are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video,” according to statistics from the American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America.

These facts have proved the urgency of healthcare apps. And with that in mind, process this. There are around 300,000 healthcare apps available for download in the app store. So what can you, as an entrepreneur or a business owner, do to succeed in this competitive market? Read on.

User-friendly features

Since your app will be used not only by patients but also by doctors and the admin, features that are amenable to all are critical. So keep the following features in mind while designing your Practo Clone app

  • Easy registration
  • Profile creation
  • Upload medical records
  • Browse for doctors
  • Voice, video, and chat options
  • Digital prescription
  • Payment processing
  • Doctor management 

These are simply the basic features one needs to mandatorily include in the Practo Clone app. To get more visibility among users, consider the following advanced features.

  • Doctor management
  • Multi-user chat
  • Treatment notes
  • Record video calls
  • Treatment notes
  • Promo codes

Businesses in the healthcare industry

Next, think about the different businesses in the healthcare sector to whom your app might be beneficial. This way, a wider audience can be introduced to the features and functionality of your app, which just might give your Practo Clone app the edge it needs to stand above competitors.

  • Hospitals – your app can take over the overall operations of a hospital including booking appointments and consultations.
  • Healthcare start-ups – with your robust app, those entering the healthcare industry can make it big in the field with the varied features and scalability that comes with your app.
  • Individual practitioners – those operating clinics and practicing privately can also make your app available for their patients so they can easily call or chat with no hassle.

Availability on all platforms

To warrant the success of your app, make sure it is available for downloads on all platforms such as 

  • Android app for patients and doctors
  • iOS app for patients and doctors
  • Web panel for patients and doctors
  • Web panel for the admin

Apart from these several components, keep in mind the following final touches to ensure secured profit.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Severe app testing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Audit of security standards

This information is surely abundant to make sure your Practo Clone app will reach the phones and tablets of users in times of need. Make use of the current requirement in the healthcare industry and gain increasing returns.

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