How to Manage Stress with a Tech Twist

With so much stress  in life, ranging from the deadly corona virus to the demanding roles of your home becoming the new workplace and in many cases the classroom, you would need effective stress management techniques. You may not necessarily need to interact with the American Psychological Association when stress symptoms set in, but you can adapt your coping strategies courtesy of stress management techniques with a tech twist.

Certain occurrences in life, such as the loss of a loved one may escalate stress levels and have a serious impact on your mental health. Some stressful situations may even result in chronic stress. Stress management with a tech twist is the way to go if you hope to achieve stress relief every time you run into stressful situations.

How to adapt stress management with a tech twist

The Covid-19 pandemic presents healthcare challenges since you may not access healthcare services whenever you experience health problems such as high blood pressure. However, combining the right technology with the various stress reduction techniques, which include proper time management, physical activities, and leading a healthy lifestyle, may go a long way in enhancing your physical health and keeping heart diseases at bay.

With the right health information, you can fight stress through tech-assisted techniques such as breathing exercises, taking a healthy diet to boost your immune systems, and adopting a positive attitude, without necessarily visiting a mental health professional. You can also avoid stressful events by adopting a healthy work-life balance.

The use of devices such as Apollo can also help you to tackle the effects of stress by allowing you to get enough sleep, avoid negative thoughts, and monitor your heart rate. Such devices provide both short-term and long-term solutions to stressful events which include fight-or-flight, poor stress response, and lack of enough sleep.

The Apollo has landed

Apollo, a wearable wellness device, uses scientifically-enhanced technology to improve your heart rate variability, so you can feel calm and balanced. It is especially effective in combating the sympathetic fight-or-flight part of your nervous system which often clouds your decision-making ability.

Since Apollo uses gentle vibrations, it triggers your parasynthetic rest-and-digest response, a key component of effective stress relievers. To assure your well-being after various relaxation techniques, physicians and neurosurgeons have tested Apollo in the lab and real-world to ascertain that it is a reliable stress relief device.

Since stress affects your well-being as well as your performance in daily activities, it is important to make time for fighting stress without having to visit the National Institute of Mental Health or see a mental health professional.

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