How To Order A Brandy Gift Set Online?

For anyone who loves alcohol that can give you warmth and taste, brandy can be a great gift this Christmas or on any other occasion. Now, with the availability of the brandy gifts online, ordering a gift set and delivering it to your family member or friend is hassle-free. But, what is more important is choosing the right set depending on what the recipient would absolutely love. If you are not a brandy connoisseur, then the multitude of options in terms of brands and types can make you confused and overwhelmed. So, here we will be guiding you on the different types of brandies so that you are able to order a perfect brandy gift set for your loved one.

Types of Brandies to Consider

With any reputed provider, you will be able to find brandy selection gift set rather easily. But, the different types of bottles with labels that read complicated can make the task of choosing harder for you. So, here are some of the most common types of brandy to settle with:


While typical brandy can be made from a variety of fruits and grapes, cognac is made of only three types of grapes. High-end, stylish and an expensive drink, cognac should be a part of any brandy gift set. They are made of 90% ugni blanc, colombard grapes and folle blanche. Cognac is particularly high in acid and low in alcohol, which is also the reason behind their highly attractive flavour.


 This is yet another French brandy that is produced in the Armagnac region of Gascony, lying in the Southwest of France. Just like Cognac, Armagnac is also prepared using guidelines for grape varieties and production. The brandy is usually aged in casks made of Limousin and Troncais oak. These woods lead to the brandy’s strong flavour that it is loved for.

Flavoured Brandy

This is somewhat a broad category because brandies can be made from any fermented fruit juice and are always flavoured in that sense. However, if you are looking for brandies with a strong fruity flavour, then you must go for the Apple, cherry, apricot and peach brandies. They come with an excellent aroma and are usually consumed right after meals.

There are various other types of brandies, mostly categorized based on the region in which they are produced. Accordingly, you have the Spanish brandy, the American brandy and so on.

Types of Brandy Gift Set

When you set about to get hold of the brandy gifts online, you will broadly find two main types of gift sets. One includes a specific type of brandy or cognac from a specific brand packed beautifully with some accompaniments such as a set of brandy glasses and so on. You can choose this type of a gift set if you are very much aware of the exact brand preference of the person you are about to send the gift to.

The other type of gift set will typically include an assortment of brandy bottles. The liquor will be of different types and also from varying brands. The wide selection of items makes the gift set more appealing, which is why; you should go for it if you are not sure of the recipient’s choices and also if you know that he/she is so fond of brandy that they will love the gift for sure.

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