How to Order Heart Shape Cakes in Gurgaon?

Want to order a customized cake for a special occasion? This one is for you. Read On!

Have a super special occasion coming up? That calls for a show-stopping cake! A cake that will melt everyone’s heart. Make special heart shape cakes in Gurgaon. Commission a bakery that can create something unique to make your occasion an unforgettable celebration. There are many good bakers who customize cakes as per the customer’s requirement.

There are hundreds of ideas popping up on Facebook and Instagram daily for unique cake ideas. But how do we know which bakery is good who will be able to cater to our needs?

It is a simple process that can be lots of fun. You will need to follow a few key rules to easily choose the best bakery for the best heart-shaped cakes which you want to order for your special occasion.

Try giving as much information in your first inquiry to the bakery. Important details such as the date it is needed, the number of guests the cake needs to be served to, the color of the cake, flavor available and the flavor in your mind, and other customization. This will help your baker to come up with new ideas and assess their availability. It will not work if you simply say you are looking for top heart shape cakes in Gurgaon.

That will not help you and your baker to make the cake required. Asking many questions will help both sides to decide.

No baker has a magic wand. Don’t expect any miracle overnight. The perfect cake takes a lot of planning and needs time between the various stages. If you call the baker a day in advance of your daughter’s birthday party asking for a cake which needs to be served to 100 guests, you may be disappointed. This is not because bakers cannot help. It’s because there aren’t enough hours to skillfully prepare it. Bakers need time to work skilfully which needs time. So plan your cake and order as far in advance. A week in advance would be good enough for a planned party.

While setting your budget for the cake, be realistic. If you are a first-time client, you might have no or little idea how much the cake will cost. But you should not look at the prices of supermarket cakes as a benchmark. Supermarket cakes are mass-produced and you cannot compare them with the quality of a hand-crafted custom cake. Most bakeries provide some indication of their pricing on their websites to give you a feel of whether they are within your budget. But if you are planning for something beyond it, it is always advisable to ask them. There is a reason why they are expensive as it’s that way and they have lots of overheads. So if you are looking for 4 tier heart shape cakes, be ready to shell out extra cash. You will have to pay for their time and skills to pull that off.

No one will want a cake which is not safely delivered. The cake can be a terrible passenger if not taken care of. So make sure the cake is safely delivered. You cannot simply sling the box on the back seat and speed off your car to the party. You have to be safe with it. Ditch your stress, make sure everything is under control when we arrive with the cake. If you are not there at the delivery address, then it is recommended that you provide detailed alternative instructions or nominate a person or ask your neighbor who on your behalf is willing to accept your perishable cake.

If you are unhappy with anything (keeping fingers crossed), then talk to your baker immediately. Ordering a custom cake is scary as you can’t know exactly how it will turn out. Avoid all communication gaps between you and the baker during ordering the cake. Make sure you minimize any unexpected nasty surprises for the end. All surprises are not good. Just in case you spot anything and you are not 100% satisfied when the cake is delivered, mention it immediately to the baker so that they get a chance to explain or fix it. Even if there is an issue after delivery, it is always advisable to talk to your baker. Taking should be your first move before you leave any seething comment on Facebook. Commenting will only help you to vent out, not to solve your issue. So please talk in-person to your baker. He will surely sort it out. Bakers are open to all kinds of suggestions.

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