How to perform a breast massage?

How to perform a breast massage?

While many may assume that breast massage is something sexual in nature, it is actually considered a great way to cleanse the lymphatic system of toxins and improve the movement of venous fluids. It also helps deliver essential nutrients to tissues, which is why it is frequently used as a treatment during the recovery process after breast surgery, such as a mastectomy.


Breast massage targets the breast tissue and areas along with the armpits, collarbone, ribs, and breastbone. It is important to remind the recipient to breathe deeply throughout the massage process, as this also helps the circulation and cleansing processes. Techniques used in this form of massage will include “kneading,” “palpation,” and “circular motion.” Massage Center in Bur Dubai


Start with the receiver lying on his back, arms above head, and head supported by hands. The application of a soothing breast cream or massage oil should be done on the recipient’s chest as well as on the hands of the masseur.

The process begins with an extremely

The process begins with an extremely gentle thumb motion that begins at the nipple and immediately. The chest is supported with one hand while the thumb or fingers of the other hand do not apply more pressure than would be applied to the eye. The purpose of this is to stimulate the lymphatic tissue and drain it of toxins. This movement must be slow and deliberate and aim to attract toxins to the breast tissue.


The massage then becomes a kneading motion that is applied to lifting and pressing movements in all areas of the breast tissue and which can also go to the underarm and upper chest muscles. After this has been done for several minutes, the movements should change to a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the breast to begin to remove accumulated fluids. The massage is completed with a moderate compression of the breast with both hands resting on each side of the tissue to expel excess fluid. This process is repeated in the other breast.


If the recipient seems uncomfortable, it is important to ask if any of the techniques are causing discomfort or pain. If they say yes, you need to apply less pressure and make sure you don’t irritate any recent scar tissue.

How to give a girl a luxurious facial massage using the zigzag technique?

A luxury facial massage tends to include the use of several different techniques, each with a different desired result. When we talk about the “Zig-Zag Technique” we mean a very gentle method that specifically focuses on creating a feeling of complete relaxation.


How do you do it? It is integrated into a more complete massage treatment that can also use the “Effleurage” and “Petrissage” techniques. If the purpose of the massage is as strict as relaxation and does not focus on the use of specialized facial creams or products, only effleurage, and zig-zag techniques can be used. It is because it is these two varieties of massage that can introduce rhythm and improve circulation in the best and easiest way.

For the remainder of this discussion

For the remainder of this discussion, we will see how the message will move to the Zig-Zag technique and how it is done afterward. To begin any luxurious facial massage, the provider will place the recipient comfortably in a massage chair or table. Then, they will use a gentle effleurage technique to introduce a massage or facial cream into the neck and the entire facial area.


They will then use kneading techniques to stimulate the face and apply specialized skincare products, or they will simply start using the Zig Zag technique to relax. This requires the provider to use the three longest fingers on each hand and place them at the base of the recipient’s throat. With very light pressure, they will then move their fingers in a “zigzag” pattern down the throat and stop at the jaw. Massage in Bur Dubai

This is done six times on each trip and until the entire neck area has been treated. The provider then works on one side of the face and repeats slow motion up to the scalp line, but continues along the scalp to the point where the head touches the chair or table. If the receiver has long hair, the fingers can spread and run to the ends of the hair, allowing them to snap back into place slightly before repeating the process. Each area of ​​the face and scalp receives six passes and the massage is performed.

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