How to Prepare The Clothes Before Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process, which people should never approach DIY as there are many risks associated with it. Instead, sending them to a dry cleaner for cleaning is a better option.

The Nine Steps for Preparing the Clothes for Dry Cleaning

Clothes need to be prepared before they can be sent for dry cleaning: here’s how to properly do it.

Select the garments that need Dry Cleaning

Begin the procedure by collecting all the clothes that need to be dry cleaned. One can start by looking at the tags. Some of the labels read dry clean only.

So these need to be sent to the local dry cleaner. People can also get other products such as denim, blankets, and comforters. 

Empty the pockets before using a Dry Cleaning service

Customers should check for objects in their pockets and ensure that they are empty before sending pocketed fabrics for dry cleaning. One can turn the pockets inside out for even the tiniest items to fall on the bed.

Please do this check as pockets can damage the dry cleaner’s machine and the fabrics while cleaning.  

Mark and note down all the stains for the Dry Cleaning service

Dry cleaners inspect clothing to check for stains, but they are human beings and can miss one or two. So people should mark all the stains before sending their clothes for dry cleaning to get the best results.

Check for missing buttons and other things

Provide the clothes once over, searching for missing items and other issues. Then, the dry cleaning delivery service can solve the problem for their customers to let the company know of any case. 

One can give a note with their dry cleaning, which provides instructions.  

Check if alterations are required

Fun fact, a dry cleaning service can also provide alterations to clothes, ensuring that the garments still fit as they should. If one requires alterations, they can let the dry cleaning company know. Again people can leave a note with their fabrics.

Then the team will give the needed alterations, so the outfit fits as it should once again.

Remove pet hair

If the pets have used the clothes as a pillow or something, remove the pet hair with a lint roller before sending them to the dry cleaners. The dry cleaning company can do it themselves for customers without a lint roller. However, it is time-consuming.

Unbutton the shirts

One can also make the process faster by unbuttoning their shirts before sending them to the dry cleaner. However, if they don’t have time, the company can do that too, but customers can speed up the process and get back their clothes faster by following this tip.

Bring Clothes to the planned pick up place

Customers can also select a place to pick up their clothes when using a dry cleaning service. However, if they choose to get them picked up from home, they need to be ready with the clothes at the scheduled time. However, they should keep the clothes prepared in their vehicle beforehand to stop delays for office or mall pick up.

Put The Clothes in the Dry Cleaning Bag

The final step is to put the clothes in the unique dry cleaning bag, which the delivery person provides, then the clothes will go to the dry cleaning place where they will get the proper treatment.

Now that all these steps are done, it’s time to relax and let the Dryclean Company do the job. Dhobilite is the best home pick-up and drop dry cleaning service in India. They use the best and latest cleaning products to keep their customers’ fabrics clean and good as new.

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