How to Properly Install Artificial Grass

Installation of artificial grass is one of the major issues that the residents of Abu Dhabi face. They are quite aware of the advantages of installing this type of turf over natural grass and the disadvantages too. But before any discussion about the subject, it is important to know about the availability of the different types of turf available. This will help you make a better decision about the turf that should be installed.

Artificial Grass comes in various different types and varieties. are differentiated by their manufacturers on the basis of the materials that they are made of. There are some common types of synthetic turf. Some of them are made of polyethylene and some others are of cotton. Cotton turf is considered to be the easiest to maintain while polyethylene turf requires timely and regular cleaning. On the other hand, there are many different types of artificial turfs that are also used for sports and recreational purposes.

It is vital to know about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of turf before deciding on which to install. One of the major disadvantages of artificial grass is the slow regeneration rate. If this rate is not maintained properly then the turf can get damaged within a short time due to wetness or frost. In addition to this, weeds also grow very fast on such grass surfaces.

Installation of Artificial grass in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The installation of artificial grass is a very complicated task in many areas. Before this, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. These include the ground texture, amount of sunlight, and the soil type. If the ground is of clay, then the turf needs to be laid in an unconventional manner so that it does not get damaged. If the turf is laid on rocky soil, then it has to be replaced with stones.

It is very important to keep the turf mowed regularly so that the top surface does not get damaged. It is, however, important to hire a professional company for this purpose. This is because only a professional turf mowing company can maintain the turf at proper levels of depth, speed, and height. One of the other important points of maintenance is the use of chemicals. If the chemicals are not handled with care, then they can cause irreparable damage to the turf.

Various types of artificial grass varieties are available. 

Each variety comes with its own specifications and requirements for installation and maintenance. Before choosing any of the different types of grass, it is important to do a lot of research. One should compare the costs of these grass varieties to see what fits best within one’s budget. One should also take a look at the maintenance costs to determine how much one needs to pay for its upkeep.

Artificial grass maintenance starts once the turf has been installed. This includes repainting, application of fertilizer and periodic top-seeding. Top-seeding is done so that newly mowed turf will have a larger surface area. This will make it easier for the grass blades to cut down on weeds that grow in the adjacent areas.

Advantage of Artificial grass in Abu Dhabi

One major advantage of artificial turf is that it requires no watering. For people who live in areas where it becomes difficult to get the lawns to grow, this is a great option. One can simply choose the synthetic turf and let it grow. Installation of artificial turf will require maintenance and once the desired turf has been achieved, one can just turn the job over to the professionals for installation and maintenance.

For areas where the weather is not optimal, the installation of artificial turf will require one to use different types of cover. One such material is tarps. Tarps are used when there is little or no chance of rain during the installation process. If one chooses to install grass in an area that does not have enough sunshine, one can use grass mats or straw mats. These coverings are much cheaper than synthetic turf and do not require one to water them as often.

Best Installation of artificial turf

Installation of artificial turf can be done on a municipal level or on a homeowner level. Many homeowners prefer to do their own installations because it allows them to be more hands-on with the project. Artificial grass installation does not take long if one has a few friends or family members who can help. It can be a fun project that all the family members can participate in. When done correctly, the installation of artificial turf can create an ideal yard for any type of home.


Installation of fake grass is relatively easy once a location has been chosen. With today’s products, there are no excuses to not install a turf system if one plans to do it themselves. The cost of installation is minimal when compared to the benefits one will reap by having this type of grass installed. There are few maintenance tasks when using turf and one does not need to pay a lawn care team to keep the system looking great. Installation of turf will provide years of use and enjoyment if one takes the time to install it properly.


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